Knew Words ~ U


unborn realities –  as in:  the embryogenetic source of art for the painter Marguerite.  That which can be discovered through the suspension of direct reference . . .

understanding –  ‘Understanding doesn’t come free,’ he commented a few years ago. ‘It’s true that the task is somewhere between awfully difficult and utterly hopeless for an isolated individual. But it’s feasible for anyone who is part of a cooperative community.’ And, he added, understanding the world ‘doesn’t help anyone else, or oneself very much either for that matter, unless it leads to action.’ – Noam Chomsky

unifactorial aetiologies – One disease, one medicine . .

union –  The Latin word una appears in two English words that do not seem to be related. However, union and onion are both derivatives of the same Latin base word: unio. As a verb, the base means ‘to unite,’ and as a noun, it means ‘onion,’ ‘oneness,’ or ‘pearl’ –

unitas multiplex – means unity in diversity through purposiveness – William Stern (1923)

unity consciousness- when we let go of the form, we can then see how we’re unified. The unity comes from our shared intention: The bottom line intention of all the prayers is wanting life to continue in a good way. In experiencing the place of unity of intention, we heal divisions of form. We need to stop focusing on how we’re different, and start focusing on how we’re the same. That we’re actually together creating a field of healing for the earth. 2) To live as Unity consciousness (level of Oneness) renders fear irrelevant, as we come to know that there is no enemy because there is no other. As fear recedes, love blossoms and flourish. Beneath and more basic than the One is absolute Zero—perfectly silent, still and empty. This is the level that Buddha called “the void.” From absolute Zero spontaneously springs forth the level of Oneness and its movement of Love. It is this love that creates all the worlds and universes, eternally and in this moment, now and always. This Oneness-Love creates everything that is, and it also continues to be everything that is. There is no duality of creator and created. The awareness of the Oneness-Love that creates all beings is the same awareness that lives in each and every portion of what is created. ~ Donovan Thesanga

universe –  1) . . . a metamorphosis of light, 2) is woven of heartstrings 3) The universe is made of stories, not atoms. – Muriel Rukeyser 4) The Universe is a Divine party. – Tosha Silver 5) In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between, there are doors. – William Blake 6) The universe is a reduction of infinity, a sub-division of the whole. Creation (and ourselves as parts of creation) are temporary rearrangements of this seamless whole, and so we are not really independent, separate things. – Martin Boroson (after S. Grof)  7) great masterpiece of inhabitable art .  . always becoming~  3rd Millineum

university – The universe in the word university is not the universe as we know it, though university is derived from the ancestor of our word universe. This ancestor, Latin niversus, was made up of nus, ‘one,’ and versus, ‘in a specified direction.’ niversus thus literally meant ‘in one specified direction’ but actually meant ‘the whole of, entire,’ and ‘regarded as a whole, regarded as a group.’ niversum, the neuter singular of niversus, used as a noun, meant ‘the universe,’ as did the derivative niversits, which also meant ‘a corporate body of persons, community.’ During the Middle Ages, when Latin continued to be used in areas such as government, religion, and education, the word niversits was applied to the new corporate bodies of teachers and students, as at Salerno, Paris, and Oxford, that were the ancestors of our universities of today. Our word university, going back to the Latin word, is first recorded around 1300, with reference to this corporate body. – Dict. 2) in the Baconian sense, ‘great distilleries of knowledge’ – mb

unqualified feeling – our (human) native intensity

unitasking – a cure to the undermining of the creative intelligence brought about by multi-tasking, that which disallows us to ‘seize the day’. Unitasking allows a meditative, laser-like focus, that allows us to bring to the world what only we can bring.

Upanishads – ‘Upanishads explain how worldly attachments need to be renounced so we can surrender to God. The word upanishad literally means to sit down (shad) near (upa) and below or at the feet with determination (ni). So it indicates that the student should sit near the feet of one’s spiritual teacher and listen with determination to the teachings. Only through such absorption can one learn how to apply the teachings in practice. Sitting at the feet of the teacher is both a sign of respect and humility, but also exhibits a natural flow, like water, from something high to that which is lower. Thus the student becomes a natural receptacle for such knowledge. Another meaning of the word shad in upanishad means to destroy. So the spiritual knowledge the student receives from the teacher destroys the ignorance of the true nature of the world and his own Self. As one’s ignorance is destroyed, enlightenment can follow’ – Stephen Knapp 2) Another meaning of the word shad in upanishad means to destroy. So the spiritual knowledge the student receives from the teacher destroys the ignorance of the true nature of the world and his own Self. As one’s ignorance is destroyed, enlightenment can follow.

urban acupuncture – “I do urban acupuncture. My intention is to encourage people to understand their city, to plan their city. However, sometimes for determinate problems it is necessary to ‘stick some needles’ of good local [government] action that can create new energy, which is the principle of acupuncture.’ – Jamie Lerner

urgan –  concentrated functions of influence.  Can range from human cities, to intensely diverse rain forest, to the organs of animal bodies, specialize plant growths, and veins and deposits of minerals on the earth’s surface.   – mb

U.S. – temple nation of Mammon, where consumerist society is most enshrined.

ushai – in Andean tradition, the fifith element, the coming together of fire, earth, air, and water into an uplifted fusion