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Gaian dharma – 1) principles of the planetary metabolism 2) rules of the Game of evolution 3) ‘Aboriginal people recognise that they have a spark of their Ancestors within them, which can be activated in ceremony and ritual, and thus they have an unbroken link to the Creation Epoch, known as the eternal ‘Dreamtime’ or ‘Dreaming’. The Spirit Beings created the sacred teachings of the Dreaming (The Law). They establish customs, they taught humans how to hunt, how to utilise fire and make cooking utensils, how to dance and perform ceremonies and they invented languages.’ – 3) the world views, cosmologies, and perceptions of humanness that come of communicative relations with the natural world. Many of these are found in cross-cultural mythic complexes, and suggest a uniformity patterned on guidelines for health-positive relations with natural ecosystems.

Gaian mind –   The Consciousness of Nature;  ecosystemic consciousness;  the organizing intelligence that runs ecosystems.

Gaian mythos – ‘The Gaian Mythos departs on a third vector, a path neither science nor religion can offer. It proposes mythopoesis, the intentional act of mythmaking, as a way to consecrate ourselves to the living Earth. This process is a feat of human imagination, but its objectives are not imaginary. The Gaian Mythos is a story to be developed collaboratively by poets, writers, artists and cultural visionaries, rather than (?) one inculcated by religious and scientific authorities. In developing this scenario we are challenged to reclaim powers of description that have atrophied in our species due to our loss of awe and ecstasy in the presence of Sacred Nature, Divinity, the numinous mystery of the Other.’ –John Lash, 2) ‘Gaian Mythos was to be primarily embodied, enacted, performed, and only secondarily spoken of, written about. I saw it as an evolving, “open-source,” polyphonic cycle of interlocking multimedia dramas. A fluid matrix that all the disparate circus troupes, performance groups, dance collectives could collaborate on, applying different genres and styles to play out different facets of the over- arching epic, and joining into larger festivals. A “coherent conceptual connective tissue,” if you will.” – Cinnamon twist

The Galactics – Yet another name for the ‘extra-celestials’

galactic aspirant ~  To aspire to achieve cosmic enlightenment is a magnificent endeavor.  An enterprise of this magnitude require the galactic aspirant learn to carefully monitor and discern soft influxes of thought that run thru the depths of the mind like gentle, flowing, rivers. .  overcome the habit of murky thought processing.  A disagreeable tendency of industrialized society is to categorize sudden outbursts if intuitive clarity as suspicious forms of paranormal phenomena. .  we have this fixation on maintaining separations any thought blending is regarded as suspicious . . by not integrating this thought blending, these communications, humans move in a semi-permanent state of cosmic blindness, their view of other dimensions blocked by a barrage of narrow-minded, dogmatic, linear structured beliefs.  Those who refuse to embrace a multi-level universal viewpoint radically sever their ties w/ the greater galactic family . . ~ Arcturians

gambito – the stick used to stir the Daime. 2) the magic stick

The Game ~ ‘To penetrate inot the essence of all bieng and significance, and to release the fragrance of that inner attainment for the guidance and benefit of others, by epxressiong in the world of forms, truth, love, purity, and beauty. Thi sis thre sole game that has any intrinsic and absolute worth. All other happenings, incidents, andf attainments can, in themselves, have no lasting importance.’ ~ Meher Baba

Ganesha – Ganesha, our great elephant god, remover of obstacles not that he would remove things from our lives that challenge us or that create struggle or suffering but rather Ganesha would reveal or unveil so that we might sit with, see more clearly and become one with the Atman, the divine, that true uncluttered nature of ourselves, even in times of need. – Les Levanthal 2)“Ganesha is the seed of positive intentionality. His throne is the muladhara chakra, the base chakra. He is the guardian of the temple of shakti, which is the kundalini energy. Shakti’s objective is to reach the last chakra, and that only takes place when the personality is fully purified. Purification means you integrate – you unify all the parts of the personality, and all the walls of separation fall away. Ganesha symbolizes the manifestation of the being that says ‘yes’ to life, to love, prosperity, health, joy, and everything that is constructive. The ‘yes’ is a ray of realization, and it manifests when there aren’t any opposing forces acting against your intentions. It means thought, word and deed are united in one single direction. If your thoughts, words and actions are unified with the same objective, there are no obstacles.” ~ Sri Prem Baba

Gayatri – The word gayatri is a combination of two Sanskrit words: ganat (what is sung) and trayate (gives deliverance and protection).. Chanting of the Gayatri Mantra should be in sets of 3 or 12 at sunrise, noon and sunset

galaxies –  ‘Nests and pods.  Each of their fiery starts is a seed, with inherent designs yet to be released, as distinct from what stars are today as the acorn is distinct from the oak.  Within and suspended among the stars of each galactic nest, eternal intent radiates fields of energy not visible to your physical sight.  The fields of energy are called into being by the vibrational structure of the primal sound, the first tone or word.  . .  Just as vegetation grows along the life-giving network of a river’s water, the physical form of the future develops along these circuits of primal sound.  As the universe unfolds, the circuits attract the beings and design patterns that objectify the creative intentions of the One who is the giver of life.’ – K. Carey

galactic center transmissions ~  (earth as seed within the galactic body) . . deliver stupendous jolts of energy that trigger deep truths and stimulate exciting new levels of creativity within humanity – energies that are life enhancing and meant to be felt and absorbed.  If the energies encounter a blockage, they will begin to concentrate and create pressure in and around the blocked area, essentially working to unlock and untangle the snarl that is creating the obstruction.  Holding on to pain and fear and anxiety-ridden interpretations of life will inevitably create only more resistance. . .  intensified galactic transmissions are like an energetic thunderstorm, **refreshing and vitalizing if the conditions are accommodating, and potentially destructive to areas that cannot accommodate the abundance of nature’s power.   Galactic-oriented energy has tremendous force to empower everyone on earth, to embrace you and the mass consciousness of your planet as a cosmic family.  To connect with the galactic center is to connect with an energy that is nurturing, truthful, passionate, volatile, compassionate, caring, and continually supportive – the ultimate goddess figure of the galaxy.     ~ Pleiadians

galactic chakras –  Swami Sri Yukteswar’s study of the Vedic Yuga system, (that may have originated as long ago as 7000 BC), shows how that system is also flagging the galactic alignment. He concludes that there is a Galactic Chakra system, with the base chakra at Galactic Center, and the crown chakra in the direction of the Galactic Anti-center. Earth is at the level of the fifth (throat) chakra, evolving towards the sixth (ajna or third eye):   ‘The as yet unspoken message in this survey is that the galactic alignment opens a channel for the kundalini shakti to flow through the earth, cleanse (it) us, and excite it (us) into a higher level of being.’

garbled context – Note it is a symptom of our times, widespread ‘spirit illness’ caused by garbled context.   Often causative of ‘perplexed identity‘.

Garden – a biological planetarium, where the constellations of ecological relations are demonstrated.  mb

gazing therapy – You can stare at water for vast amounts of time, give one’s mind to the river or ocean. – Eaglesong

gene elf –   ‘Machines don’t come from eggs, nor regenerated ‘cuttings’,  they come from parts.  Assuming humans also come from parts  assembled by some gene elf – mb – is both untrue and anti-synergistic. ‘Vitalists have argued that morphogenesis and regeneration can not be explained mechanistically’.  Sheldrake.  Rebirth of Nature

generational curses – ‘ . . .the (LEF) contains a blueprint for how we will age, how we will heal, and how we might die. Encoded within this matrix are all the gifts and ailments we inherit from our parents, as well as data from all the traumas we have suffered in our lifetimes. Stories of betrayal, abandonment, and loss are stored in a holographic fashion in the tides and streams of life-force swirling about in the luminous field, creating dark, heavy spots among the whirls of lighter energy. If we have a family history for heart disease or breast cancer, this information is encoded in our LEF until we are healed of this legacy. In the Amazon, they refer to such legacies as “generational curses” handed down from parent to child to grandchild. The shamans explained to me that when a sorcerer wants to inflict harm on a victim, he merely needs to activate the codes in the LEF to manifest a generational disease in that person. Conversely, a healer could also trigger the gifts latent within a clients LEF. In effect, these shamans believe that the LEF provides instructions to our DNA to express certain genes. – A. Villodo

genital theatre –  ‘Well, you see, as long as you are playing that game (conventional intimacy), what does that have to do with yoga, what does it have to do with devotion, what does it have to do with Real-God-Realization?  Nothing.  It’s just genital theatre that you are playing out with someone who’s willing to play the same game.  You live in this unreal world of your own idealism and romance.  You’ve drawn a circle around yourselves.  You’re willing to do sadhana outside the circle but not within it.  It goes on and on and you wonder why you don’t grow.’  Then Avatar Adi Da described how specific disciplines must be taken to break this pattern:  ‘You grow by breaking the circle, by obliging yourself to function rightly.  This is what your personal disciplines are supposed to be about.  Every self observation must be followed by a new discipline that you embrace seriously.  So how far have you gone in this relationship with such personal disciplines that require it to be real and right, and don’t animate anything else? . . . –  Adiddam Revelation, 1999, No. 1, pg. 27. 

genius loci – spirit of a place.  Has two connected meanings:  a feeling, atmosphere, or character;  and an invisible entity or being with its own soul and personality.  It is difficult to disentangle these meanings, for the second could be thought of as a personification of the first. – Rupert Sheldrake

geo-anatomical – Humans– no matter how strangely mechanically dependent or distantly they have drifted to become mired in the limited, synthetic reef of dead-echo, mental static that only maims and poisons– have an indigenous soul swimming or flying somewhere in the vast mansion of its geo-anatomical soul and therefore has a constant singing nature that refuses to stop echoing to us all. – Martin Pretchel

geodesic –  of or resembling a geodesic dome  2.  In : (mathematics) the shortest line between two points on a mathematically defined surface (as a straight line on a plane or an arc of a great circle on a sphere) [syn: geodesic line] ‘From a more positive perspective, cooperation can lead to synergistic support, with the whole of any treatment program being more than the sum of its parts.  A geodesic relationship develops where extraordinary potential and strength can flow from cooperation between the therapies.’  D. Hoffman (1994). 

geometry – frozen music (according to Ancient Greeks).  Sacred geometry and music were inextricably linked since the laws of the former govern the mathematical intervals that make up the notes in the western music scale- the diatonic ratios.  Euclidean theorems also produce diatonic ratios, thus linking geometric theorems with music.  Crop circles are proved to contain musical notes, which are themselves the by-product of the harmonic laws of sound frequency  2- ‘the expression of number in space’ –

geometry of perspectives –

geomantic vigor –  ‘Furthermore (back to the Vision):  that this up welling energy which was to drive earth changes was ready to, like a wave, ‘break’, and needed people to midwife the process, to prepare people, to marshal attunement.  People are increasingly getting intimations of these changes, but interpret, suppress, or express these feelings in thousands of ways.  What’s needed is a unifying vision, a guiding mythology, a way for people to recognize that many of the strange yet familiar impulses they are feeling are coming from the ground swell of this rising influx of geomantic vigor.’ – mb

geo-romancy –

gezelig – (dutch) A Vibe that allows good things to happen.

Ghandarvas – In the ancient Vedic cosmology of India, a group of celestial beings were described in various sutras or sacred texts.  They are a special groups of Devas who work with the energy of music in the inner worlds, and who inspire composers and musicians in their work. These are called Ghandarvas, and in ancient Greece, they were referred to as ‘muses’

ghosts – a dead person’s shadow

ghost sickness –  Eastern Cherokee pathology:  prevalent within cities, it is evidenced in the lost souls  who wander through life with little knowledge of who they are as human beings, and little understanding of what their contribution to the world should be.  – Roy Upton, 1992

giggles – massage for the heart – dzighar kongtrul

glitterati -noun plural –   Etymology: blend of glitter and literati. Date: 1940.  Celebrities;  Beautiful people.

global village – ‘And it struck me that in those days, before the Moog synthesizer had really got going, the only way to make interesting sounds easily was to get interesting instruments. I later found out that Harry Partch had been doing this on the West Coast in the forties. I didn’t know about him in those days. But it proved to be, in a way, kind of self-destructive with the beginnings of the synthesizer and it being easy to make those noises. What I feel I contributed really to the period 1964-65 was a kind of a… it’s kind of like fools rushing in where angels feared to tread. I wanted to be the one over the hill rather than the one that built the city. I wanted to have a go at a number of different things. It struck me that you could write a spontaneous, free-form lyric, a la Jack Kerouac. And then you could link it up with spontaneous free-form music, drawn from the various regions of the world. So you have like an Indian bit, a Spanish bit, a light opera bit, an African bit, and you could use all those things like tonal colors, and have a bit of a go on various instruments and so on. Plus then, of course, the whole notion of guitar tunings was a very important thing in Britain, with Bert Jansch and John Renbourn and Davy Graham, who had opened up the sort of DADGAD world, of DADGAD tuning. But we began, in the String Band, to use a lot of different tunings, minor tunings and different kinds of modal tunings. So I suppose that in a way, more than folk-rock, what I was trying to do then was try to open up the whole subject of folk music into a different, and wider, sphere. Not necessarily a rock sphere, but more of a sort of literary and world music sphere. In fact, the term “global village” was first coined by a New York reporter to describe an Incredible String Band concert in the ’60’s.’ – Robin Williamson (interview)

Globalization – can be analytically divided into two related global phenomena: contemporary capitalism and transnationalism. Contemporary capitalism is the globalization of the market system, and transnationalism refers to the intensification of human flows, contacts, cultures, and politics across national borders occasioned by markets and wars. Globalization then is about the reorganization of society, gender, race, class and citizenship in relation to our market civilization that is also transforming late socialist countries.  – UC Berkeley anthro course listing.  2) The net result is that people who were once able to make a reasonably independent living off the land, find themselves wage-earners in a global economy run from the other side of the world. They have become, in a word, disempowered — one twitch in Wall Street, one tiny downturn in the US economy, and they’re out of work, with nothing in the way of skills or land to fall back on. – David Nicholson-Lord  3) Globalization is not a natural, evolutionary or inevitable phenomenon, as is often argued. Globalization is a political process which has been forced on the weak by the powerful. Globalization is not merely an economic project of economic integration. It is a cosmological project through which the world order and our place in it are being rewritten. What is sacred and what is dispensable is being rewritten. What has value and what is valueless is being rewritten. What should be protected and what can be sacrificed is being rewritten.  Shiva, V. –  Diversity and Democracy

Glocalization – . .The self-interest of ordinary people, of local economies and of nations that aren’t represented in the WTO is coming out more strongly all the time. It’s a process of glocalization! That’s exactly how living systems work, with all levels expressing their needs. It’s not about making a choice between having either healthy local economies or having a healthy world economy. That’s not possible. That would be like your body trying to run itself at the expense of its organs!  Your body has full employment. Every cell is working and every cell has to look out for its own self-interest. Every cell is an extremely complex entity — a society more complex than a human society. So it has to look out for its self-interest but not at the expense of its organs or its body. There’s constant negotiation everywhere in your body at once to keep the whole thing running. . . . – E. Sahourtis

Gnosis – derives from Greek, and connotes ‘knowledge’ or the ‘act of knowing’. (On first hearing, it is sometimes confused with another more common term of the same root but opposite sense: agnostic, literally ‘not knowing’, a knower of nothing.) The Greek language differentiates between rational, propositional knowledge, and the distinct form of knowing obtained not by reason, but by personal experience or perception. It is this latter knowledge, gained from experience, from an interior spark of comprehension, that constitutes gnosis. In the first century of the Christian era this term, Gnostic, began to be used to denote a prominent, even if somewhat heterodox, segment of the diverse new Christian community. Among these early followers of Christ, it appears that an elite group delineated themselves from the greater household of the Church by claiming not simply a belief in Christ and his message, but a ‘special witness’ or revelatory experience of the divine. It was this experience, this gnosis, which–so these Gnostics claimed–set the true follower of Christ apart from his fellows –

God – free being – Da  2)  a direction rather than an object – Rilke

Goddess –  ‘. . . the goddess focuses the attentive consciousness that enables magic to happen.  She collects energy and concentrates it, as any powerful symbol does.  She charges her devotees with the energy she bears, and provokes them to do ritual and practical activity in keeping with her values.  Pushed one way she celebrate the concreteness, the reality of matter.  Pushed another and she tells us that matter is only a form of energy, that it can be shifted and changed by spirit.  Her teaching is mastery; and, since her teaching is woman, she points to the strength of a rising feminist consciousness.’  – Catherine Albanese, ‘Nature Religions,’ pg. 180

Golden Spiral – Only angle for a wave to re-enter itself – non-destructively: Self Re-Entry defines Self Awareness.

Gollum – a freaky little dude

Grateful Dead – like being in a floating acupuncture point on a giant tribalized body that is being needled at high frequencies.  Some attending are speeded up in their thrust forward on the evolutionary program, some are simply spun out by this powerful energy.  We see the flotsam, but not so much those accelerated by the experience.  These latter effect society by holding (and developing) that frequency, and use it to help guide their lives.  Such people spread the vibration, they create ripples on the great cultural pond . . . – mb

Gratitude – Most people are grateful because they’re happy:  wise people are happy because they’re grateful. – Roger Walsh 2) Gratitude is the highest form of acceptance. ~ Stephen Levine 2)“Gratitude opens the path to ascension” – Sri Prem Baba 3) A life of gratitude accepts the bad with the good. Genuine gratitude is not a zero sum game in which thankfulness increases the more fortunate you are and decreases the more adversity you experience. – Dan Clendenin 3) Gratitude is twofold – love coming to visit us and love running out to greet a welcome guest. – Henry Van Dyke  4)  The broadband width of gratitude is compressed by the judgments of how we see life experience to be. . ~ Plaeidians

gravity well   ‘. . . by the final week, so many things were hitting us all at once, and i was still rehearsing three or four hours every night and my last speech was still eluding me and there was all this self-imposed pressure, i hadn’t felt anything like it since, perhaps, staging plays in college. and the actual event itself becomes agravity well that you are powerless to escape, after a point.’

Greenman – ‘The Green Man is an archetypal figure who has appeared across many different cultures for the last few thousand years of recorded history and probably dates back even further. He usually appears as a green foliated, face of a man often with leaves emerging from his mouth. In this form he can be most frequently and easily seen today in numerous churches all across northern Europe. He was known as Osiris in ancient Egypt, Dionysus in ancient Greece, Bacchus in Roman times and has been found in various forms across the Indian sub-continent. In the British Isles he is still known by names such as Jack in the Green, Green George and the Forest King. Here he often appears as a central character in many traditional rural celebrations which hark back to a time when we lived in a closer and more conscious relationship with nature. It could also be said that the “Green Movement” itself represents in some way a contemporary resurgence of the Green Man. Greenman is a precurssor to the Breatharian, for he has the ability to turn the energy of the sun into life sustaining nourishment. Greenman associated inthis way with the sun, a positive masculine, yang force. ‘Perhaps in the way that plants utilize the energy of the Sun to make sugars, we can utilize the cosmic energy of consciousness to make our own energetic “nectar”. – Andrew Rothery

Grid – The light beings have explained to me that we are all connected by Source energy. This connection has a grid-type configuration, so to make things simple, I’m just calling it ‘the Grid.’ There are small grids connected to the large grid. For instance, each species of animal has its own grid. This allows easy communication between animals. I’m sure you’ve wondered how salmon know when to travel upriver to spawn, or how monarch butterflies all know to fly to Mexico, or geese to fly in perfect formations. Their connection to their grid allows them to know where to go and when to go. In the Asian tsunami very few animals died. That is because they were informed through their grids that danger was coming.  Human beings chose many thousands of years ago to disconnect themselves from a collective grid, so that they could have free will. This severance has allowed us to make our own decisions and be independent. But it has also allowed us to make many mistakes which have adversely affected this planet. And it has made our direct communication with The Source more difficult. We are now at a turning point when our disconnection could mean the end of the earth as it now exists. – Shelley Yates

Griots – ‘The Kouyate  Twins come from a long family line of ‘Griots’  (known as storytellers of history). The families lineage starts in Mali and expands to Senegal, West  Africa where the twins were raised and learned there families history through song and dance.’

Groupfield – “Human beings and all living things are a coalescence of energy in a field of energy connected to every other thing in the world. This pulsating energy field is the central engine of our being and our consciousness…There is no ‘me’ and ‘not-me’ duality to our bodies in relation to the universe, but one underlying energy field. This field is responsible for our mind’s highest functions, the information source guiding the growth of our bodies.”—Lynne McTaggart, “The Field”

Groupthink – ‘A daily paper in Florida made a profound statement on March 2. ‘The nation’s loyalty is turning into groupthink,’ the Daytona Beach News-Journal editorialized. ‘How else explain a president who, playing on the war’s most visceral slogan, gets away with justifying an obscene corporate tax cut as ‘economic security,’ a build-up of defense industry stock as ‘homeland security,’ and an exploitative assault on the nation’s most pristine lands as ‘energy security’? How else explain his contempt for Congress, his Nixonian fixation on secrecy, his administration’s junta-like demeanor in Washington since September?’ – Norman Soloman

group cohesiveness ~ 2 ways to create group cohesiveness. Internally by creating a positive, coooperative group climate meaning you work with enhancing social relations, or externally – meaning thru competition between groups. Doesn’t it help group cohesiveness when you have to pull together to meet a common foe? It seems cohesiveness is enhance only for the winning teams. The losing teams tend to fall apart and they look for someone to blame. Even among winning teams, you constantly have to have an enemy, a scapegoat, to keep the cohesion going. Meaning the cohesion is artificially induced (like a drugs, you need the drug to continue a high).

growing edge – ‘The basic model of reality, the understanding of the cosmos, that is revealed by such (medicine circle)  experiences, is basically similar to that shared by indigenous shamanistic cultures, and radically different from the prevailing Western paradigm associated with mechanistic science.   (However, many features of the traditional shamanic worldview overlap to a considerable degree with the most recent and growing edge theories and findings of post-modern science).; – mb

Grow up – ‘To grow up does not mean to outgrow either childhood or adolescence but to make use of them in an adult way.’ – W.H. Auden

growth – the formative attributes of vitality condensing into the material world – mb

guilt – One of the basic blocks is the sense of guilt. To feel unworthy prevents surrender and subtly impedes spiritual growth. Guilt is an indulgence – an emotional teething ring which enables us to remain immature while whimpering that we are not good enough to have the experience we feel is reserved for “better people.” The best answer I ever heard to this type of thinking was given to me by the late Shankaracharya of Puri. “To grow spiritually you must learn to overcome your emotional blocks.” Guilt is an experience of the lower level of life – the earth level. As you rise, this “garbage” falls from you and becomes the fertilizer which feeds the seed within – the consciousness you seek. The beautiful lotus rests upon the water; the roots are sunk in the scum and slime at the bottom of the lake. As you grow and surrender completely, your lower self falls away “to the bottom of the lake” and feeds the roots of your consciousness. – Rudi 2) “Guilt is the principal traitor, the principal saboteur of happiness. It is a poison that kills slowly and it starts to do this precisely by taking happiness away. If you feel guilty you cannot sustain bliss for long, only fleetingly. And, depending on the dimensions of guilt, you may not even allow yourself to experience the momentary happiness of professional success, of feeling comfortable with your financial affairs and are sometimes not even able to enjoy the simple pleasure of taking a day off, let alone of experiencing ecstasy in its deepest form.(…) Why do you carry the burden of guilt? What is the burden you carry that you consider to be so wrong? Normally the answer to this is hidden away and protected by shame and fear. You need to be truly willing to face this. No one feels guilty without a reason. It doesn’t arise out of the blue. If you want to free yourself of guilt you need to look at what lies at the root of it. This is the path to liberating this part of your being that is still locked in denial. It is precisely the part that is locked away that prevents you from sustaining ecstasy which is only possible when all the parts have been integrated.”~
Sri Prem Baba