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Bacteria – are composed of genetic material, chemicals arranged into complex metabolic cycles, various molecular infrastructures, and salt water, all housed within a selectively permeable membrane. – Swimme, Sahourtis, and Liebes

bai –  Cashinahua term for ayahuasca tryp is ‘bai‘, the idea of a sightseeing excursion with housecalls for visiting.  Kensinger, K.

balance – 1) the play of polarities. – mb 2)  Nature always seeks balance.  The natural range of activity of all elements of the system must be expressed. – Alexander

banana clock –  The host (Jivaro Amazon Indian) gives each guest a banana from the same stalk and when it ripens they know to come back for the celebration.  M. Harner

bandwidth –  1)  The numerical difference between the upper and lower frequencies of a band of electromagnetic radiation, especially an assigned range of radio frequencies.  2a)  The amount of data that can be passed along a communications channel in a given period of time.  2b) volume of information per unit time that a computer, person, or transmission medium can handle. “Those are amazing graphics, but I missed some of the detail — not enough bandwidth, I guess.”  3) Attention span.

bard – ‘Taliesin was invited by the Emperor Arthur to his court at Caerlleon upon Usk, where he became highly celebrated for poetic genius and useful, meritorious sciences.’ . . .  ‘Taliesin, Chief of the Bards, was the highest of the most exalted class, either in literature, wisdom, the science of vocal song, or any other attainment, whether sacred or profane’ – Mabinogion

batin –  Indonesian.  “There are many types of spiritual practices in Java which may be undertaken and which are said to bring a person in better contact with the larger order: As preparation for or as part of such practices, one generally needs to become centered, to still one’s own thoughts and listen to the batin, one’s inner, spiritual aspect which is capable of being sensitive to the unseen forces of the universe. Batin is in contrast to the lahir, the outward realm of the senses, appearances, and material phenomena, although lahir and batin tend to be seen as operating in a sort of reciprocal arrangement – C. Geertz. 2) Through the development of the batin one may increase one’s spiritual power or potency. This development is often undertaken through the denial of basic comforts associated with material life so that one may be detached and able to engage in the search for unity or oneness with the ‘ultimate’.  Deprivations may take the form of fasting, night vigils, sexual abstinence, as well as more complex disciplines such as special forms of meditation (samadhi), prayer, and pilgrimages to sites considered to be foci of power. Such places of pilgrimage include certain gravesites, places of guardian spirits (dhanyang), natural sites such as springs or mountaintops, sites of old temples, and places associated with the remains of past kingdoms. Such practices are referred to as laku (literally ‘step’; also, ‘ascetic practice’) or nglakoni.  M. Lyon

bardo passing –  In the Tibetan tradition that 49th day, seven perfect weeks, concludes the bardo passage, the interval between death and some kind of rebirth.

batrachian assemblies –  breeding frogs

beauty ~ Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Being nature – Your ‘Being nature’ is not stressed or worried, anxious or bored. It is happy just to be. But, since life has conditioned us to complicate ourselves a lot, we will first do some work to untangle inner knots. Then we will practice noticing the presence of Being. As we learn to rest in Being, we find the space for inner silence and peace, and in this space bliss arises. . . We are saying that one may cultivate a true state of Being, prior to Awakening; and we’re saying that living more fully in Being creates a fertile ground in which Awakening is more likely to occur.- Susan and Donovan Thesanga

beliefs –  chronic thought  2) “Alberto, belief is not something that is based on proof, like your sciences. It is something that you invest. However much of yourself you invest in the ceremony is what you’re going to receive. Don’t be an observer; participate. Dare to take a chance.” Old man at:  3) beliefs are agreements about reality, and agreements can be changed . . .Beliefs are the invisible building blocks, the conditions around which you agree to interact with reality.. . they re the programs from which you have built your life experience. They reveal the way in which you personalize your choices and the conditions you apply for imprinting the vital-force energy used for manifesting your thoughts.  When you take a good look at your life, you will see the unique creative results of your own internal programming. Everyone has a bushel basketful of beliefs collected from may sources.  . . beliefs are the thoughts that you hold, most often without question, about yourself and the world at large.  These unnoticed thought forms are birthed in your imagination and stored in your subconscious memory bank, qualifying your experiences in both the inner and the outer worlds.  Your beliefs set you up for success or failure. People suffer from pain and confusion due to a belief in their own sense of powerlessness, an ancient belief;  however all forms of consciousness must pass thru various stages of accepting responsibility for their power in every vista of creation.  Your encounters in the outer world are a reflection of your inner reality;  you become what you think about;  therefore when you change your thinking, you will inevitably change your life. – the Pleiadeans  4) My own opinion is that belief is the death of intelligence. As soon as one believes a doctrine of any sort, or assumes certitude, one stops thinking about that aspect of existence. The more certitude one assumes, the less there is left to think about, and a person sure of everything would never have any need to think about anything and might be considered clinically dead under current medical standards, where absence of brain activity is taken to mean that life has ended. – Robert Anton Wilson 5)  beliefs that foster despair are biologically destructive – Seth  5)   The bigger picture, could be said that consensual reality is currently experiencing a breakdown of beliefs.  People have built their lives on the faith that beliefs are absolute facts, or attributes of existence  that are undisputable truths;  but beliefs are agreements about reality, and agreements can be changed.  It is essential to understand that beliefs are the thoughts that you hold within your imagination, and in the imagination, all things are real. During this period of acceleration your world has become quite polarized over a massive conflict of belief.   A belief in a world of hostility uses the platform of ‘might is right\’ to promote killing and violence as a means to an end.  The other a belief in a peacefully empowered existence places immense value on nature, and all life is held in significant regard.

Belief systems ~~are illusions of linguistically structured thought. . .   their very attempt to hold onto the truth destroys its living nature. .  the same fruit cannot be both growing on the tree and preserved in a jar, it must be one or the other .  the garden of living information that surrounds those who open their hearts in love is so prolific, its fruits so abundant, that there is no need for individual, organizational, or cultural preservation. . Below the level of linguistically centered thought, the life-giving current of truth flows continuously.  ~ Ken Carey

bewilder –  to make wild . . .

bezoar –  is a stony calcified hairball or gallstone that occurs in the stomachs of cud-chewing animals such as goats (though humans sometimes get them, too). The word is Persian (‘pad-zahr’, counter-poison or antidote); the bezoar’s fame as a cure for poison spread westwards from there in medieval times. You swallowed it, or occasionally rubbed it on the infected part. In ‘A Voyage to Abyssinia’, written by Father Lobo in the eighteenth century, he says: “I had recourse to bezoar, a sovereign remedy against these poisons, which I always carried about me”. Belief in its near-magical properties was then common.  –

Bhaktisphere ~ 1) from the geosphere, physiochemical evolution on earth ‘jumped’ into the ’emergent property’ of the biosphere.   From the biosphere arose the collective human mind, the noosphere, now exteriorized in the internet and the globalization of humanity. From this, the bhaktisphere, a collective human heart-centered awareness is rapidly arising, as a way connect with the other Tribes of creation in acts co-evolution, and thereby harmonizing cultural and biological evolution.   2) is all about life lived as ceremony in a temple universe.  3)  . .  The time of great purging we are in, surfacing the wounds and hells of eons to the surface, is creating space for intensifying frequencies of love, for the bhakitsphere. eternal awareness that is growing steadily in the thought fields around the earth.  Universal intelligence can then flow freely thru them and into expression..  

bhava roga – Anandamayi considered individual identity to be a kind of spiritual disease. She called it bhava roga, or the disease of feeling where every person looks at him or herself as a separate individual. 2) Bhava means to become, and roga means disease. The disease of identification with the material plane of existence.

bibliomancy – which is: opening a page at random and reading, in order to gain the insight you need at the time.

bien – “The tendency of the modern human mind is to approach the world through reduction and to look only at certain aspects of the bee hive. Due to this, the notion of the one-being was created (Einwesen, in German) also called the bien (bee in German is: biene). The concept of the bien reveals itself as an undividable entity. As something which is beyond the sum of its small and many parts. The modern equivalent to bien could be called super-organism. More like the biological term for this. A super-organism is something which goes beyond individual organisms, so this is what the beehive is. It’s something which goes far beyond its individual parts. So that is the basic understanding of bien. . . the bien is one whole being. Through the bien we can experience the miracle, that life is. We may sense the communal, non hierarchical form of life, an attitude without greed, hate and dilusion. Deep within we may feel the extent of selfless serving to the whole – like Steiner says: the hive is permeated with love. So the beauty of the concept of bien, is that it can open our minds and stretch our understanding, because it’s not only what we can see with our eyes, it’s something those 50,000 honeybees are creating together. It can help humans to learn, to relearn, to remember the bigger picture of the underlying interconnectedness of everything. – Michael Thiele

biennial – a biennial plant grows a rosette of leaves in the spring and summer, while building up the stout taproot, which stores large amounts of sugars for the plant to flower in the second year.

big bang – 1) any sudden forceful beginning or radical change. 2) The remainder of my trip was spent going through cycles of re-orientation. Over all I felt that I had come into being, into existence, at that point in time, like in a ‘big-bang’ sort of way, it was the true moment of my creation.   –

Bija – A “root” or “seed” sound or syllable of a mantra. Sperm. –

bilateral coherence –  descriptive of a healthy relationship between two entities

bilocation – shaman defined as:   “men or women who exhibit both the need and the ability to induce in themselves the kinds of experience that bring them to the brink of permanent madness or even death.   These experiences can  produce feelings of depersonalization and fragmentation, in addition to feelings of weightlessness, ascension or flying, and bilocation.”

biochemical yoga –  the art of trypping well

bioacracy ~ We are the first democracy. What if we end up becoming the first bioacracy, going beyond the notion of the nation state and equal rights of rhumans, but where no merely equal rights for human, but eqaul rights for all species, for all life forms, all habitats. – Stanislav Grof

biognosis ~ ‘Stephen Buhner refers to this method for gathering information directly from the wild heart of nature as biognosis which means “knowledge from life.” He says that developing this ancient mode of cognition is crucially important for us in today’s world as we face many threats to the life of our planet and ourselves due to what he calls “linear fanaticism and mechanomorphism (seeing the world as a machine)’. – Gail Faith Edwards

biolence –

biolations –

biological resonance –  proclivity of the body-mind to take resonance with ‘outside’ phenemena either positively (laying on of hands) or negatively (sudden onset of a degenerative disease).

biomemes –  biologically held information.  E.g. Plants are midwives of our consciousness, as we evolved later than plants.  Plants thus contain a story, information, that directly relates to human well-being.  Bill Mitchell

biontological –  1) Participant-observation is a contradiction in terms, an oxymoron – similar to the impossibility of the objective observor in quantum physics.  “Thus the anthropologist ‘dances on the edge of paradox’, playing schizophrenic role of player/commentator’” – Narby.  2) . . . This is especially hard when as a commentator you have to report back to a world view that is anithetical to the one you’ve been participating/observing – though this has some expansion of conscious ‘stretching’ function if one can train oneself to accommodate and synthesize these perspectives, thus becoming bi-ontological. – mb

bioprecipitation – . . . suggests that bacteria are actively involved in stimulating precipitation. Some bacteria have protein coatings that cause water to freeze at relatively warm temperatures. that bacteria’s rise into clouds, stimulation of precipitation, and return to ground level may have evolved as a dispersal mechanism is ‘an interesting idea that’s been thrown around for decades but only recently has the data accumulated to support it,” he told the meeting. As a microbiologist, this idea that… an organism could piggy-back on the water cycle I find just intriguing” – Brent Christner of Louisiana State University

biosphere –  irregularly shaped envelope of the earth’s air, water, and land encompassing the heights and depths at which living things exist. The biosphere is a closed and self-regulating system, sustained by grand-scale cycles of energy and of materials-in particular, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, certain minerals, and water. The fundamental recycling processes are photosynthesis, respiration, and the fixing of nitrogen by certain bacteria.   –

birth – ‘to transit the dimensions’ 2) A great deal of theory proposes that the birth process is experienced as rejection by the infant because all they knew as their universe is excreting and rejecting them; therefore it is absolutely crucial to be worthless and rejected as a spiritual being. When we go through that, then we are born as writers and people; gratefully dead, twice born. What dies is something that needed to die in order for birth to take place. (Here, I was reminded of when Jesus said, “Unless a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die, it remains alone by itself. But if it die, it bears much fruit.”) – R. Tarnas 3) “My mother groaned, my father wept, into the dangerous world I leapt.” ― William Blake

blessings – “Blessing” means the vigorous total wish for good, coming from the innermost self, from the divine inner being, the wish for the good of the unitive principle, which holds that there are no opposites and no conflicts.  When this unobstructed wish flows directly into the deepest regions of consciousness of another person, a vibrating energy force is created that brings a new impact in the inner person. – Pathwork Lecture #144 2) It is impossible to bless and to judge at the same time. So hold constantly as a deep, hallowed, intoned thought, that desire to bless, for truly then shall you become a peacemaker, and one day you shall, everywhere, behold the very face of God. ~ Pierre Pradervand

Blossom Time – “Large numbers of people, without distinction of race, religion, age or social status have acknowledged the value of her teachings by establishing Sahaja Yoga centers in over 75 nations. These people who live a normal family life, tap to their inner spiritual power through daily Sahaja Yoga meditation and have achieved (!?)a complete balance of their lives on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. They understand the integration of all religions and spiritual paths not at a mental level, but through their direct, tangible experience on the central nervous system. Thousands of years ago, the Blossom Time was prophesized to come when, in these modern times of crisis, thousands of seekers of Truth are going to experience this connection with their Spirit.”

blood of the bhang – hash oil

boddhichita – the awakened heart. By putting good energy into the world, you manifest boddhichita. A Boddhichita mind is that of someone who can understand the needs of the largest majority of the people. 2) the natural opening in the barriers that we create. The soft spot, the weak link in the solid structure of ego. This is the tenderness that you can seize, the opening to take, to let grow and spread to full awakening. – Pema Chodron 3) sensitivity to the rights of all sentient beings, a stronger version of compassion, the Boddhichitta prayer precedes all other practices – Bompo tradition

body –  What we call the body is a sort of flowering of the soul, a concentration of its sensual potential in the direction of a specific level of being.  – Whitney Streiber. 2)  the body is an evolutionary frontier – mb 3) the body is like a bud, to open it up, to flower energetically, is by way of the joints.  the deeper and less normally conscious are the joints, the more they are foundational and fundamental to the flowering process – mb 4)  the body . .   learns from ecstatic states – jorge gonzales  5)  a standing wave pattern – hathor material  6)  The temple template of infinity. – Sheoekah  7)  the terrestial terminal for the habitation of eternal awareness;  a nerve ending of god in matter;  a sheath of tangibility – K. Carey  8) (according to Taoism) a microcosm that follows the macrocosmic laws and is continually informed by macrocosmic influences such as the seasonal changes, planetary conjunctions, and other shifts in the life that surrounds us.  9) “One of the rather striking things I believe I learned (from my ibogaine experience) was that our human physical body is, in reality, a highly ingenious and very amusing trick of the light. It’s essentially the 3D holographic construct, (a hologram), that results from the interraction of laser light with holographic plates at a multi-dimensional level. Furthermore, there are in fact a whole array of higher “spiritual” bodies, (some of which are immortal), superposed on top of it in multi-dimensional space. The reason we are not really aware of these most of the time is down to the ingenuity of the design. We’re not really supposed to be. The illusion we start to maintain from birth, therefore, is that we are solely physical. The idea of an outside world and inner physical space that we typically conceptualize in our daily life is, therefore, not very accurate. (If you think about it, everything we sense exists only inside what we conceive of as our head.) Our World is merely a projection. It appears this way because it’s designed to appear this way. The reason we’re not aware of this most of the time is because the human physical body and its’ existence is, in fact, a sophisticated learning tool for our higher spiritual bodies. If we were ordinarily aware of our higher spiritually bodies, the learning tool would not function. As a people, therefore, we are here to learn. It is the act of learning that justifies our continued existence. –  9) the body is a series of frequency envelops.  10) an energy system that processes material, because the body changes completely in only a few years.   11)  the body is a spiritual, psychic, and social statement, biologically spoken – Seth 12) In my own case, apart from the physical transformation I have been going through, as per my intention, the plant (ayahusca) is giving me a profound knowledge of my body’s inner workings. I can actually feel it from the inside now; the ducts and channels, the tendons and the lymph, the blocks and the free areas, the bits that need extra attention. I was amazed at how blocked I was with regard to my body before, how I distained it, and disregarded its needs, mostly unconsciously and at the behest of a willful mind denying the seriousness of my condition. For me, my body is now a universe that I want to explore, to take care of, and to love. I could never have conceived this was possible before. The beauty with which various aspects of my physical self are being revealed to me makes me revere and respect the medicine more and more with each passing day. And even more magical is the fact that what I considered ugly in my physical form before, I can now see it is a perfect, divine, and even beautiful creation. – 12) The vibrations of the human body depend on the quality of thought, food and water consumed, and the energy surrounding that body. Based on these elements, cells vibrate internally and that level of vibration determines their vibration frequency. When that vibration scale is high the energy becomes lighter and the light emission from the cells increases. For example, if you feel rage your vibration decreases. When you feel love your vibration increases. ~ 13) I am this body, a play
Of five elements; a drama Of the spirit dancing With joy and sorrow. – Kabir  14)  the body is created out of an energetic template, is a projection of your energetic template.  it is life force that is laser focused to the point that we create a physical body.  bilocation happens when we use this focus to create more than one version of the body. ~~ ‘P’leiadeans 

body intelligence –  “According to his capabilities, the jaguar-man (shaman) can invoke the ‘owners’ (oversouls of animal species) in various ways: firstly through meditation and shamanic spells, for example on the origin of the Tapir if it is hunting that is required. As he recites his body ‘tells’ him by muscular contractions whether or not he can proceed with the hunt.” – Martin von Hildebrand

boundaries ~ “All boundaries are lines drawn in the imagination (like the equator)” – Pavithra Mehta

Bovis scale – “The Bovis scale is an intuitive scale created by a French scientist at the turn of the century to measure the natural health of organic objects, a system which is now being used in resonance therapy along with crop circles images to treat environments with disease as well as humans.   The higher the Bovis count, the healthier the system. The unit of the Bovis scale is the Angstrom (1 Å = 0,1 nm or 10−10m). The measurement consists of the operator placing a detecting device on or near the Bovis scale diagram and noting the Bovis number. A number of 6,500 (fresh, raw, vegetable foods) is considered “sufficient” (to keep the energetic balance), lower figures negatively affect human life and body functioning, higher numbers (as detected in fresh, ripe fruit and freshly pressed juices, seeds and sprouts, which score 8,000-10,000 on the Bovis scale) have positive effects aiding physiological functions. Numbers above 10,000 are in the “ethereal range”, considered Places of Power –

box system – The “Visions” chapter (of “Memories, Dreams, and Reflections”) describing his recovery from a broken foot and then heart attack. . ..  Jung felt he was vacillating between living and dying.  While realizing he was choosing life, he was disappointed: ““Now I must return to the box system again,” for it seemed to me as if behind the horizon of the cosmos, a three-dimensional world had been artificially built up, in which each person sat by himself in a little box.” (p 292)  

brain – 1)  a liminal organ operating somewhere between the genetically fixed and the radically free – Victor Turner.  2)  skull marrow (in Chinese)  3) the yogis place the seat of wisdom in the heart, which we typically associate with our emotions, and not the brain . . in yoga, the brain is actually symbolized by the moon, which reflects the sun’s light but generates none of its own. This kind of knowledge is worthwhile for dealing with mundane affairs, and is even necessary to a certain extent for the lower stages of spiritual practice. But in the end, the brain is inherently limited in what it can know and is prone to what Patanjali calls misconception (viparyaya) or false knowledge of the self. – Richard Rosen

breaching experiments – Dramatists occasionally play with the audience / performer boundary, and social psychologists have adopted this form of performance art as a professional technique, renaming the performances ‘breaching experiments.’ –

breakdancing – ‘Breakdancing emerged from the Bronx and Harlem in the early 1970s, part of the hip-hop culture that also included graffiti, MCing or rapping, and disc jockeys scratching and mixing vinyl records on turntables.’ . . . During extended pauses, or breaks, in the music, b-boys would mimic James Brown’s showmanship and footwork and Bruce Lee’s martial arts, adding their own signature moves.’ – Associated Press writer Tania Fuente

breath – an integrative and balancing mechanism . . Breath seems to provide a physical control that bridges into the subtler dimensions through which life forces move.  Breathing exercises are the means to control and distribute vital energies.  2)  “the breath is where the voluntary and involuntary processes converge, where the boundary between outer and inner dissolves, and hence a powerful meeting ground of mind and body, the separate self and the All.”  –Susan Thesenga  3) Awareness and control of the breath are the essential keys for understanding and developing the higher mind because they form a very powerful and natural way to connect with both inner and outer sources of the vital life-force energy. By focusing your attention, you can use your breath to stabilize yourself, to have more energy and enhance your immune system, to create beneficial brain wave patterns, and to travel into the interior of your being to beyond the linear mind. . . You must learn to pay attention to where the breath takes you, for it is a very powerful tool for activating  and using your physical form to its greatest extent.  Breathing exercises create a strong foundation in the body for those seeking higher consciousness, and we highly recommend you adopt the discipline of always returning your attention to conscious breathing.  Breathing is an exchange of energy between the outer world and the inner domain of your body.   No matter what you are doing . . . modulating your breathing pattern is a way of staying centered, expanding the use of your mind, and enhancing your physical prowess . .  b reth is the great connector. – The Pleiadians. 4) The whole universe is breathing as our breath; we limit the process by our assumption that we are doing the breathing. – Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan,  Alchemical Wisdom

brevity – the soul of wit – Shakespeare

brickolage –  a composite;  construction or something constructed by using whatever comes to hand.  It can describe the amalgamation of many bits and pieces of diverse cultural systems.

bridge people –  In Incan prophecy, it being foretold that when the European’s came to the Americas a 500 year period was to begin called the ‘clashing of the cultures’.  It would then take 500 years for the Europeans to understand the Indians and the Indians to understand the Europeans.  This period would end with the appearance of the ‘bridge people’, those who are able to take the best of both worlds and alchemize them into a new culture and a new human. E.g, of the last crop of bridge people (500 years ago): “Though Paracelsus is considered the father of chemical medicine, he worked with an alchemical pharmacology:  materials fertile with souls, magical transformations, and vital essences.  His greatness lay in his application of a logical and experimental approach to the magical and experiential world.” –mb

Buddhist mandalas – ‘’The relationship between geometry, math and music is especially important in Buddhist mandalas, whose elaborate geometries are claimed to be the physicalization of chants which are then used for meditation.’

buds – blossoming portals

bureaucracy –  1)  The outer trench behind which lay a powerful system of fortresses and earthworks.  – Gramsci 2)   organized irresponsibility – Mannheim  2) bureaucracies of “official” America are the latter day descendants of the colonizers.

bureaucratic drift – When bureacracies become more concerned with self-survival than solving the problems they were created to deal with. Instead their interests lie in making the problem worse, so that they get more funding, personnel, status, so they drift into inflated versions of their orginal selves. The DEA is prime example.