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Japa – ‘Initially mantra can be practiced aloud, after sometime it should be whispered. But the most profound effect on the mind comes from silent repetition of mantra. “Japa,” the Sanskrit word for repetition comes from the root “jap” which means to whisper. It is important to note that in some Indian systems Japa is broken into two primal roots, ‘Ja” and “Pa”. “Ja” can refer to the mind, or that which is born, and “Pa” can mean to protect. So in some yogic system japa can refer to protecting the mind. After sufficient practice and experience with mantra, then the aspirants mind is prepared for Dhyana.’ – Yogi Baba Prem Tom Beal

Jesus –The Gospel of Thomas, which was probably compiled in Syria, reflects a view of Jesus as a wisdom figure rather than a savior. The word ‘savior’ implies there’s something wrong, supports the attitude, the assumption, that we are in a bad universe, that humans are bad, and that rightly the world must be ruled by fear because of all these bad things.  However, a wisdom figure would suggest the empowering notion that we are not victims, we are not flawed, we do not need authorities, and no one needzs to save us. 2) In my view, Jesus Christ is the power of forgiveness. He is the power that cures us of all negative characteristics that we carry in our psyches and hearts. He unties the knots that bind us to our karmic loads. Forgiveness and gratitude give us access to this healing; and we can only open our heart once we are healed. – Prem Baba

Jewels of the Naths – There are three: Sama--equipoise; Samarasa–seeing self as the world, and the world in the self; and Sahaja--spontaneous naturalism.

Jihad – During the Abbysid caliph, the term jihad had taken on the connotation of inner struggle. This interpretation gained wide acceptance with the spread of the Sufi brotherhoods, which were all about inner discovery. Ibn Taymiya rejected this notion of jihad, instead proclaiming that true jihad involved a relentless struggle against the enemies of Islam.

jollify  – ‘Fuller’s analysis shows that American religious enthusiasts, contrary to their latter day reputations, valued wine precisely for its ‘vitalizing’ and ‘jollifying‘ qualities.  – G. Feeley-Harnik 1995

joy – clear reality without impediments – Seth

jurassic mindsets –  ‘Like scientific paradigms in crisis, the dominant institutions of globalization can no longer handle the multiple problems thrown up by the process of corporate-led globalization. Instead of trying to reform the multilateral institutions, would it in fact be more realistic and ‘cost- effective,’ to use a horrid neo-liberal term, to move to disempower, if not abolish them, and create totally new institutions that do not have the baggage of illegitimacy, institutional failure, and Jurassic mindsets that attach to the IMF, World Bank, and WTO?’

justice –  love given public expression 2) “These (Hungarian Folk) tales, without exception, express the truth that justice triumphs in the end. They all contain the idea that it is worth while to fight for the truth, in any situation. In this fight man is assisted by more powerful beings than ordinary mortals. And the triumph of justice is the only sense and consolation in this world. Indeed, the world itself started out with this hope. The human race received it long, long ago as a cradle-song.”
― Gyula Illyés