Tribes of Creation

the song of the sylvapolitan

I am the earth I am
I am the opening heart I am
I am the sky I am
I am the endless expanse of awareness I am

I am the starlight of eternity I am
I am the moonlight of presence I am
I am the sunshine of life I am

I am the thunder of being I am
I am the lightening of passions I am
I am the rainfall of tears I am
I am the winds of forgiveness I am
I am the sparkling morning dew of laughter I am
I am the clouds of life passing I am
I am the rainbow of memories and futures to come I am

I am caves I am
I am deep deep sleep I am
I am luminous fish in dark pools I am
I am dreams of remembrance I am
I am crystals I am
I am life awakening to myself I am

I am rivers I am
I am the running pulse of procreation I am
I am waterfalls I am
I am orgasmic joy I am

I am fields and forests I am
I am fertility, nourishment, and growth I am
I am deserts and arid lands I am
I am patience and the burning will of perseverence I am

I am rocky shores I am
I am life in transition I am
I am hurricanes I am
I am trust and surrender I am
I am strong ocean currents I am
I am life in the flow I am

My tribe is creation
The earth is my clan
All that exist here are my people
I am the flowering of forever I am
In the garden of the Divine family of creation

Welcome to Tribes of Creation ~~

This site is devoted to the cultivation of our humanness in conscious, respectful, and free-flowing dialogue with the Natural world. One so integrated into the sylvan cosmos, the society of Nature, is known as a sylvapolitan. S/he is a citizen of the great polis (ideal city-state) of Sylvatica, aka Nature, and is an increasingly conscious participant in the great Conversation that ‘voices’ the Gaian intelligence into the myraid forms we xperience around us. The sylvapolitan is educated via self-transformation (unfurling the self in acts of knowing something by becoming it), accultured into the spiritual ecology that underlies natural ecosystems, and pro-active in the great Game of evolution. This all to the purpose of discovering ever more subtle areas of connection (LOVE!) between self and other, to eventually abide in the Divine emptiness that both witnesses and creates the Theater of Life.

The sylvapolitan is the inheritor of the elder wisdoms of indigenous consciousness, lineages taught by the living multi-versity of the world, in both its horizontal aspects of form and vertical dimensions of spirit. S/he works in the interests of the planet, often acting out its immune functions to turn a crisis into an experience of growth, the evolutionary journey by which life becomes increasingly aware of itself. The sylvapolitan is a prototypal model of human development, an archetype. It contrasts with another archetype, the ‘cosmopolitan’, a model native to our current global industrial-growth culture, aka the mainstream. This much-lauded figure, with his/her university education, high income, consumerist life in city or suburb, has defined THE goal to aspire to for much of the modern story. However, the cosmos (world order) of the cosmopolitan spans a narrow spectrum of human possibilities. The education is overwhelmingly book-based, analytical, and disembodied; the high income is thru a unsustainable, even suicidal, economy; and the conventional city is a Nature-desert, a species-deficient place to live and acculture yourself. For such reasons, the civilizations that birth cosmopolitans (in their various forms) are always short-lived. Like annual plants, they grow tall as empires, egoic-edifices of domination and plunder, and then inevitably crash as the karmas of their adventures bring the season of their dissolution.

By contrast, the sylvapolitan is a perennial figure, one whose presence ebbs as civilizations rise, and flows forward again as they fall, to receive the nutrients released by their composting (art forms, technologies, spiritual insights, and such). As the current empire is in the last throes of an increasingly surreal dance of self-destruction, and has produced a particularly bountiful harvest of the fruits of its separation from Nature/Spirit (e.g., the internet, renewable energy technologies, planet-wide dispersal of spiritual traditions, images of earth from space, and graphic examples of the dangers of mind possession), the food source for the sylvapolitan is rich, and we are emerging in droves! Mucho trabajo!

The sylvapolitan is now engaged in bridging the dominator/industrial cultures with the co-creative/indigenous, the techno-rational mind of modernity with the great devic forces that abide with the fertility circuits and evolutionary en-genies of the planet, in restoring a happy union between reason and spirit. Many are now incarnating during this cusp between the ages for just these purposes, to help raise and then ride a rapidly cresting wave of unprecedented opportunities for spiritual growth. The creativity that upwells from our structural destiny to flower, from deep longings to be again at home on this planet, is visioning the seedbed from which future traditions of arts and science, music and relationships, are already sprouting. The times are spiraling round to a planet-wide neo-indigeneity, an eco-conscious culture growing thru the still quivering corporate bodies of predatory capitalism. Beneath the escalating crises we see in the news, another story is activating, a cyclic story of death and rebirth. The earth is baring her belly before the onslaughts of deforestations, factory fishing, and strip mining. She is giving birth, as so many prophecies have foretold, to another phase of her life. The hue-man native to this phase is maturing, like the earth herself, to the harmonic of flowering, and the songs of a culture come home to the family of creation.

So the sylvapolitan arises anew, a phoenix from the ashes of those who surrender themselves to the feeling wound of separation long denied in the modern psyche. As the sylvapolitan initiate draws on the deepest resources of Spirit necessary to bear and cleanse this wound, cosmopolitan identities and ambitions lose their hold, and . . . shed away. Those who choose these Ways are thereby strengthened, transformed by the healing ordeal, envisioned by attunement to the now accessible higher frequencies of the Gaian Dream, and sung into flowering heart of the Eternal Now. This is the growing edge of our species development. This is the story that shines thru the night. This is the song of the sylvapolitan.

Pachamama Prayer (in Quechua)
Pacha mama mucha napin
Yuya rinchis mama tay tay – ta
Wasin chista allun chista
Munas canchis kow sai nin chista

Mother Earth, on the altar with reverence
We remember you, mother, and father sky
Our home, our family
We love you, for giving us our lives