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icaros – ‘Songs that carry us in our Ayahuasca Visions into realms of our deepest held grief and fears, soar us thence into the highest of vistas filled with light, color, celestial sounds, soothing sensations and ecstatic joy. Icaros, spirit songs, have a magical quality that seems to be that effusive celestial light made tonal, slivers of crystal that shimmer in awareness, freeing one into bliss and a oneness with All Being.’ – Jade Wahoo Grigori 2) If ayahuasca was a bunch of snakes then Icaro was the snake charme

identity – one of the many eyes of eternity – K. Carey  2)  identity is a process, not an object.  All earth life is connected thru a common ancestry.  Each ‘individual’ is actually a consortium of transformed and still living other beings. – Liebes, Sahtouris, and Swimme

identity vertigo – There were many accompanying reactions (to this spirit channeling) worth mentioning. First, I felt elevated, accelerated, excited, enthusiastic, amazed. The upside of this limit-experience was the embodied sense of transcendence and expansion. The corresponding Spiritist doctrine makes sense in this context: as the spirit of the mother passed from me into the light, she took lower elements of my own psyche, extraneous energetic ‘miasmas’ with her, leaving me cleansed and healed in the process. Charity and self-evolution are the same process for the Spiritists. The shadow side of this experience also merits mention. The ‘ebb tide’ of the sense of expansion was a sense of ‘identity vertigo.’ I could no longer think of myself as the same limited consciousness peering out through these eyes like a lone homunculus looking through a telescope. Suddenly there was a possible cast of thousands in my inner life, and many of those may have wandered in from the outside! To reframe the existential nature of this crisis: this experience forced me into a kind of ‘multiphrenia,’ or multiple awareness. I held potentially contradictory models of the world, inner voices from many sources, in my conscious mind. This capacity for split attention suited me ideally for spiritist mediumship: the ability to dissociate from everyday awareness and turn my body over to autonomous, unconsciously driven processes was a perfect fit with my new role as medium. – Matthew Bronson

ideological portfolios – might these be diversified . . .  ‘Under these circumstances (extension of local shamanic knowledge into a global discourse), even shamanic holism could be just another value instead of being the ground for other values.  Question:  can making it ‘just another value’ work?  Or might it be that holism, like quantum physics, should be the baseline from which all other values/physics can situate themselves?  Or will indigenous knowledge, when transplanted and commoditized, come to take on the fragmentary nature of the society by which it is appropriated?

Ideologies –  are toxic when they block access to the intelligence that is designed to guide people’s lives. – K. Carey.  2)  collective expression of mind possession.  They dominate the 20th century

ideological projection – For three centuries reductionism rules, distorting the history of the West as well as the nonWest.  It has hidden its ideology behind projected objectivism, neutrality, and progress.  . . .  has transformed complex pluralistic traditions of knowledge into a monolith of gender-based, class-based, thought and transformed this particular tradition into a superior and universal tradition to be superimposed on all classes, genders and cultures, which it helps in controlling and subjugating.  This ideological projection has kept modern reductionist science inaccessible to criticism.  Thus patriarchy, racism, classism, etc. are concealed behind a claim to universality. – V.  Shiva

idiom – the DEFINITION of idioms or formulaic speech — utterances whose meaning cannot be pieced together from the meanings of the pieces, but must be attached to the whole utterance — is EXACTLY the same as the definition for any act of non-human communication you can find in the textbooks (for bee dances, bird songs, etc.). In fact this definition is perhaps WHY non-human beings are usually said not to have (human) language — because the pieces of their utterances can’t be added up to make the whole meaning the way we say we can using morphology and syntax in human language.  Humans and animals thus intersect in *language*, in its entire evolutionary range, at MOST levels — idioms,  sounds, emotions, gestures (pheromones?) — and then humans only  SOMETIMES also construct new utterances from scratch. Most typically we tend to use more idioms & formulaic speech with those we know well, and use it less with strangers, with whom we tend to use more formal and public speech. Bees and birds and trees tend to know each other in their groups very well and can therefore be said to use idioms in their  own languaging. Just like us! — that is, unless we want to call ourselves sub-human and merely communicating, not using language, when WE use idioms and formulaic speech. This move, should you accept it, irrevocably puts humans, land animals, sea creatures, trees, and maybe more, all on the same *language* map.  dan alford –

idiomata –  ‘Whereas earlier scholars of religion had defined shamanism in ways that incorporated cultural understandings of shamans and their followers, behavioral scientists skeptical about the ontological basis of spirit worlds have found epistemological bedrock in the concept of altered psychological states (a bit of scientizing) – on the translation of the ‘spirit idiomata‘ into Western psychological (or transpersonal) terms.  Some have preferred the more behavioristic connotations of trance.  But trance can be applied to many things and is therefore problematic. . .’

ignology –  the science of ignorance.

ignorance – 1) Is phlegm (Tibetan medicine). 2) a mind crammed full of thoughts (the same mind devoid of thoughts ins Atman)- Ammachi 3) Ignorance is the lack of understanding of how our mind is attached to impermanent things. – Buddha 4) Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon and star – Confucius

illness – according to Daimista (in Groisman & Sell) –  1.  ‘. .  an opportunity for a ‘study’.  I wouldn’t say that it is bad;  it is a study.  Any illness that I experience is a study that I must conduct.’  2.  ‘Illness is a discipline which comes to a person in order to correct a certain thing that is wrong.  Thus for me illness is a disequillibrium in a person’s physical body, in his apparatus . . . It begins in another plane, in another more subtle body.  We have various bodies.  And finally it comes to present itself in the physical body, through a bad thought or a bad feeling had in this time or in another . .  many times a person is purging a previous karma.’  3.  ‘To be sick is to resist the changes that your conscience asks of you, for you to change.’  4.  ‘A psychic knot formed during past lives (karma), in the current life thru transgression of the cosmic order, or in the relations between the spiritual world and other human beings.  In this sense the knot would be a psychic, mental, or physical record of the transgression.’ – all according to Daimista (in Groisman & Sell) 5.   . .  when a counter frequency sets in and some body part begins to vibrate out of ease or harmony. –  Jonathan Goldman.  6.  When we become ill, the ecology of our bodies shifts.  Healthy bacteria are depressed in numbers and the bad bacteria flourish. – Stephen Buhner  7) (in Andean Quechua culture) illness is manifested as a shattering of the unity of body and spirit – Alderette8) is essentially a social disorder  9)  ‘what makes us sick is not our relationships per se but our energetic and psychological reactions to these relationships.’ – Barabara Brennan  10)  you often become ill by either putting storms in your field, or by refusing to change – Pleiadians  11) I think that we keep solidifying the illness by over-identifying with everything as form, whereas if you can get into a spiritual space and see that everything is energy, and everything is perfection, it allows transmutation to begin, and miracles to happen. –S. Ingerman  12) Since we have lost many of the ways to spirit, we often must do the hard one, the default choice – the path of illness. 13) ‘Like most Westerners, I was raised with the belief that bad things are basically external.  I would ‘catch a bug’ or get accidentally hit by something.  The Cantonese of Hong Kong are more concerned with ‘nourishment of life’.  Illness is primarily a destabilization of the body, not an external insult to it.’ – Anderson from ‘Ecologies of the Heart’ 14) n the rainforests of northwestern Amazonia, the home of ayahuasca, illness is almost always seen as a symptom of a disorder or disturbance in another dimensional plane. Accessing that plane and identifying that disorder will frequently eliminate the symptom. Ayahuasca is one of the methods rainforest curanderos—healers—use to access those other planes. . . in the Amazon Basin, things like Mal Ojo, the Evil Eye; Envidia, jealousy, and other forms of negative energy, whether produced by a person or by a brujo—sorcerer—paid by a person, are considered to produce very real results. That’s because of a belief or awareness that intentions, like everything else, have a life force. And the life force of negativity, just like the life force of positive thinking, effects what it touches. . . and illnesses, like all other matter, are sentient and have the same will to live as other things. – Peter Gorman 15) Illness as it is conceived of in the modern sense as something external attacking.  In the shamanic world it’s the loss of the personal power in the first place.  16) “Shamans believe that illness is not, at core, about germs or genetic defects but rather about loss of soul – by individuals and communities both. Shamanism understands that the health of the individual is embedded in the health of the family, the wider community and the Earth itself.” – Dr. John Broomfield 17) llness is an energy imbalance, an excess or deficiency of the body’s elemental energies. According to the ancient Chinese, chi, the life force, controls the body’s workings as it travels along the meridians, completing an energy cycle every twenty-four hours. A person is healthy when there is a balanced, sufficient flow of chi, which keeps the blood and body fluids circulating and fights disease. But if the circulation of chi is blocked for any reason or becomes excessive or deficient, pain and disease can result. The flow of chi may be disrupted by an imbalanced diet or lifestyle, overwork, stress, repressed or excessive emotions, or lack of exercise. Imbalances in yin and yang-complementary forces in dynamic flux-also disturb the normal, smooth flow of chi. –Richard Walters book “Options: The Alternative Cancer Therapy Book,

illusions – ‘This limited mind must transcend itself in order to realize its unlimited power and scope. Therefore this path constantly requires your mind to bridge the gap of its own limitations by considering new possibilities, and by making room for other alternatives for the self, for life, and for expressing the self in life.  This demands making an effort to come out of old mindsets, and leave behind models which appear comfortable — but remember, this comfort is the greatest illusion. all illusions seem real as long as the possibility of their being illusions is not questioned and as long as no other alternatives are allowed.’ – Pathwork 193

illusion of Isolation ~  Words from Brigh, Orion’s Faery Wife: “Life does not descend from the Stars above, Light does! Life rises up from the Earth below. The Faery people (the Original Ancestors, People of Peace, Shining Ones) are wise in this primal light and in the magic of the life that it becomes. We live in the wild and hollow places of the earth and we can help humanity heal itself from the “Illusion of Isolation” and our world from its toxic effects, but WE WILL NOT COME UNBIDDEN!”

imagination – “For a relationship to stay alive, love alone is not enough. Without imagination, love stales into sentiment, duty, and boredom. Intimacy fails not because we have stopped loving but because we first stopped imagining’ – James Hillman 2) Imagination, in simple terms, is our pre-view of what is to come. When we pre-tend, we tend to our future until it becomes our current reality. Imagination, more than any other human function, defines our successes and our failures. – From– Conscious Language™, Imagination Activation and Sacred Body Language Translation Intensive 3) “The imagination is not a state: it is the human existence itself.” ― William Blake 4) the imagination is an instrument for Seeing – from a Mayan Myth via Michael Meade

imaginal commons – a bandwidth of mythic resonance shared by all beings, by the many ‘tribes of creation’. To rejoin the imaginal commons is to regain a source of primary guidance, often called ‘the original instructions’, which has inspired and counseled humanity since our inception as a species. – mb

imaginal cognition   the mode for apprending form via the vitalistic forces that create it.  It is a faculty of perception developed thru observations of and relationship with nature.  That’s the education – council with the natural world – as you work towards developing ‘instant correspondence’s’:  forms come alive and reveal themselves.  – mb

imaginal hygiene – a clearing of your imagination from as much clutter, noise, emotional conflicts, ideologies, consumerist spells, and media agitations, as possible. 2) Irrational fears. ‘In order to empower yourself and consciously utilize the force of vital cosmic energy, you must recognize your fears as your regular contribution to the current state of global emotional pollution.’  – The Pleiadians

Imaginal discs – Holometabulous insects are those that begin life in a larval form and must undergo metamorphosis to reach adulthood. While in larval form, these insects have specialized imaginal tissues, or imaginal disks. When the insect enters into metamorphosis, imaginal disks grow and develop the structures of the adult organism. The trigger to enter metamorphosis is controlled by the endocrine system, which in turn may be regulated by the environmental input, such as the amount of food consumed by the larval insect (Stern and Emlen, 1999).  –  2) I like to use the metaphor of the butterfly. In metamorphosis, within the body of the caterpillar little things that biologists call imaginal discs or imaginal cells begin to crop up in the body of the caterpillar. They aren’t recognized by the immune system so the caterpillar’s immune system wipes them out as they pop up. It isn’t until they begin to link forces and join up with each other that they get stronger and are able to resist the onslaught of the immune system, until the immune system itself breaks down and the imaginal cells form the body of the butterfly. I think that is a beautiful metaphor for what is happening in our times. The old body is going into meltdown while the new one develops. It isn’t that you end one thing and then start another. So everybody engaged in recycling, in alternative projects, in communal living, in developing healthier systems for themselves and each other is engaged in building the new world while the old one collapses. Its collapse is inevitable. There is no way around that. –  E. Sahtouris 3) If you know about butterflies, we’re moving from a culture that’s been a caterpillar, and now it’s about to turn into a butterfly. We see the election of Barack Obama, people coming out of the woodwork and being involved in politics, getting involved in solutions……What happens when a caterpillar goes and turns into a butterfly, when first it goes into the cocoon, everything turns to mush. Its a big liquid mass in there. And then little cells, that are butterfly cells are formed, but they don’t form all next to each other. One forms up at the top, one at the bottom, one in the middle, and then they send out these little runners toward each other, called interstitial tissue and the Imaginal Cells are holding the blueprint for what the butterfly is to become. We are the Imaginal Cells.] Those of us in any kind of new thought church, those of us that are often considered new age, that are holding a vision for a equitable sustainable fair spiritually fulfilling reality, are those Imaginal Cells. We have to hold strong and not get caught up in the mania. We are the holders of the new blueprint of the future. – Jack Canfield

imaginal intuition – ‘And it is only when the human mind actively brings forth from within itself the full powers of a disciplined imagination and saturates its empirical observation with archetypal insight that the deeper reality of the world emerges. A developed inner life is therefore indispensable for cognition. In its most profound and authentic expression, the intellectual imagination does not merely project its ideas into nature from its isolated brain corner. Rather, from within its own depths the imagination directly contacts the creative process within nature realizes that process within itself, and brings nature’s reality to conscious expression. Hence the imaginal intuition is not a subjective distortion but is rather the human fulfillment of that reality’s essential wholeness, which had been rent asunder by the dualistic perception. The human imagination is itself part of the world’s intrinsic truth; without it the world is in some sense incomplete. – R. Tarnas, 1991

imaginative vocabularies –  We may be seeing the beginnings of the reintegration of our culture, a new possibility of the unity of consciousness. If so, it will not be on the basis of any new orthodoxy, either religious or scientific. Such a new integration will be based on the rejection of all univocal understandings of reality, of all identifications of one conception of reality with reality itself. It will recognize the multiplicity of the human spirit, and the necessity to translate constantly between different scientific and imaginative vocabularies. – Robert Bellah – Beyond Belief 

IMI – Unlike conventional white-coat allopathic medicine, which attempts to determine a purely physical cause for a purely physical symptom of unwellness, then treats it by prescribing purely physical remedies that normally don’t nail a cure — so the patient keeps suffering the same ailments and paying for the same pills, sprays and shots until he either dies or goes broke — though the IMI, the Illness Maintenance Industry, continues to benefit. – Dan Furst

immune system – ‘ Is the immune system a tuning fork (a morphic resonance) that reflects the harmonics of the way we perceive our environment? From observing people in clinical practice over the last twenty or so years, I find that people of high sensitivity, without a release mechanism for their sensitivity and who have a strong constitution, often end up with auto-immune issues. It seems a bit strange that the people with the strongest bodies often get the worse diseases. Their own constitution seems to have the strength to trap these emotions in their muscles and viscera.’  – Terry Willard:  Anatomy of Stress

imperialism – the rule of consolidated finance capital. . .  the biggest weapon wielded and actually daily unleashed by imperialism against the collective defiance is the cultural bomb.  . . . –   ngugu wa thiong’o

implicate order –  (Bohm) had a vision of an infinite number of hierarchies within hierarchies, which made up what he called the implicate order. He found confirmation of his mystic vision on television in the 1960s, when he saw a device made of two concentric glass cylinders, the space between them filled with colorless glycerin. The experimenter put a drop of ink in the glycerin, and then turned the outer cylinder. As a result, the droplet was drawn out into a thread, which gradually became thinner and thinner until it vanished completely; the inkhad disappeared but still existed in the glycerin. When the cylinder was turned in the opposite direction, the ink reappeared from its enfolded, hidden existence. Bohm realized that there was no disorder or chaos, but, rather, a hidden order.  This rejects the role of chance, and instead posits the existence of subtler forces acting from hidden, implicate levels of reality – Fred Pruyn

impulse of life – of the sacred to want to manifest itself, of each incarnate form to realize its deepest archetype

In Lak’ech – (Mayan Code of Honor) I am Another Yourself

indigenes – a shorter way of saying indigenous peoples

indigenous hermeneutics –

indigenous soul . We all have such natural sonar dream-scanners, an indigenous brilliance, that is at home deep in the mansions of our Indigenous Soul who knows to dive as far away as it can get from the small-minded, harsh-grinding racket of disconnected human-centered, modern existence that should serve the Indigenous Soul but heartlessly pollutes and mindlessly exploits what it cannot truly control. These great and tiny tunes of our soul’s whale-like position-finders actually feed, sustain and give life to the myriad of other echoing souls of people and to all the forms and living things they touch with their hands of echoing song. The Indigenous Soul ‘sings’ the world alive. Humans– no matter how strangely mechanically dependent or distantly they have drifted to become mired in the limited, synthetic reef of dead-echo, mental static that only maims and poisons– have an indigenous soul swimming or flying somewhere in the vast mansion of its geo-anatomical soul and therefore has a constant singing nature that refuses to stop echoing to us all. – Martin Pretchel

indigneous spirituality – that which is is rooted in the need to maintain right relationships, both within the group and with the spirits of the wilderness. – Steve Beyer

inebriation –   ‘the play of nature with man’ – Nietzsche

infinite garden – ‘And the Lord called unto Moses out of the mountain, saying, ‘Come unto me, for I would give thee the Law for thy people, which shall be a covenant for the Children of Light’….And God spake all these words, saying, ‘I am the Law, thy God, which hath brought thee out from the depths of the bondage of darkness….I am the invisible law, without beginning and without end….If thou forsake me, thou shalt be visited by disasters for generation upon generation. If thou keepest my commandments, thou shalt enter the Infinite Garden where stands the Tree of Life in the midst of the Eternal Sea.’ – The Essene Book of Moses

information –  ‘what is information but the algorithm of the number of possibilities’.  – Frank Tipler 2) information is “a difference that makes a difference.” – Gregry Bateson

infra or supraverbal –  supra meaning ‘above, over’ (supraorbital) or ‘beyond the limits of, outside of’ (supramolecular).  infra meaning ‘below’.

initiation ~ One day (Parzival) he reached a refuge where the hermit Trivrezent or Trevrezent lived. He was welcomed, cleansed and anointed in the ritual fashion, and refreshed with “herbs” — a procedure common to all initiation myths. The hermit then escorted him into a cavern, and we may observe here that in antiquity, caves and underground man-made substitutes such as crypts were often the sites of initiations into grades of spiritual understanding. They represented the return of the candidate into the womb of nature to be reborn of soul-fire. ~ The Quest: From Simple “Fool” to Grail Servant By I. M. Oderberg

initia ~ story ~  

inner order – ‘The exploration ‘beyond the border’ assures the discovery of fundamental values beyond the individual. The experience the patient has of transpersonal phenomena restores to him a basic dimension within creation: that of a being. The newly emergent inner order feeds a transcendental dimension, creating a meaning to life. As long as this level of re-structuration is not reached, the patient cannot be considered as cured, but in the process of healing. This higher order (i.e. surrendering to a higher order)  is deeply liberating because it allows the deflation of the ego, the conversion of the perversion, and the establishment of a new affiliation towards the fundamental Father and the fundamental Mother. This superior level is able to digest, to metabolize and to integrate the lived experiences at the organic and psychological levels. The restitution of every single thing to their corresponding place generates a huge feeling of reconciliation with oneself, with others, with nature, with the universe and with God, the source of deep Peace – MABIT 1988b – on yage healing.

integral yoga –  Sri Aurobindo was a mystic who achieved his ascending levels of consciousness through yoga and meditation. Yet, in 1926 he had a profound experience of the Overmind descending into him, and stressed that it is not merely transcendence that we are seeking, but an integration of that higher mind with our involvement in the daily world. In this way, he described his spiritual practice as Integral Yoga, for it integrated the many systems of India, with daily practice and political and worldly activity.

integration –  1)  ‘Though opening to life force is as easy as relaxation, deliberation is needed to sustain such openness in a society where subconscious patterns continuously beckon you back to their familiar habits.’ – K. Carey.  2) ‘it is, in our culture, a fine tradition to plan on writing, drawing, painting, or composing music that expresses the thematic contents of the (visionary) experience. This can be done in the days or even weeks and months following, to allow for proper gestation and development of material. This practice helps to situate the insights and transformative processes in the reality of daily living.’ – J. Heuser

integrative response – Neuronal and experiential data suggest that psychointegrative substances (psychoactives, such as yage) have the capacity to evokeintegrative responses of the organism.  Thus one has the adaptive advantage of integrative information processing. – M. Winkleman

intellect – ‘The intellect can speak, but it is nothing more than a tape recorder. It records and spits out words and words and words – words that don;t have any feeling in them The intellect cannot feel compassion, it cannot feel love or kindness – it can only reason. It will even try to reason out love and compassion. Where there is too much talking there is no love. One who really loves is constantly in a meditative mood. Thoughts cease to exist in the presence of such love. . . Only one thought prevails and that singular thought is about his beloved. ~ Amma 2) “The intellect always cuts and divides like a pair of scissors. The heart sews things together and unites like a needle. The tailor uses both” – Amma

intelligent design – We need to think more loosely and largely than our current paradigms. We need to think about the possibility that many other human cultures were right in perceiving a cosmic consciousness that creates itself as it goes and that is intelligent at every step of the way. . . that consciousness is the source of evolution, rather than a late product of an evolution. – E. Sahtouris

Intelligentsia – ‘From first to last Mannheim proposed that intellectuals had a special  responsibility, a particular mission. He indicated two main courses of political action which could be taken by intellectuals: (1) ‘a largely voluntary affiliation with one or other of the various antagonistic classes; (2) ‘scrutiny of their own social moorings and the quest for the fulfilment of their mission as the predestined advocate of the intellectual interests of the whole.’ The tension between involvement and detachment are a constant theme in Mannheim’s treatment of intellectuals. Although Mannheim recognized that the emergence of sociology emerged at least in part as the working class came to assert its own sense of itself, he still saw a crucial role for a ‘socially unattached’ (free-floating intelligentsia) intelligentsia. He stressed the opportunities for open-mindedness, for empathy and ecumenical mediation between competing social groups.’ –

intention –  1)  the midwife of actualization;  a setting up of resonance.  2)  the shortest distance between two points – Dr. John Upledger. 3) Trusting yourself in the midst of a world seemingly gone mad is a wise use of intention. Once you think you know the truth, breath it thru your heart to test its merit.   When you focus your attention into your heart center, this connection allows you to compassionately walk into the shadows of life and to safely know the truth. ~ The Pleiadians  4) I find that the equation between what benefit people derive from ayahuasca is often determined by their intent and their sincerity. To me, this element is as powerful as the tea itself. The tea is the force, the spirit. In any given session its as if we set out on a boat together. Intent is the rudder on the ship and the tea is the wind in the sails. ~ Darpan

intercessing –  ‘Before I first started running – what people call ‘intercessing’ – Sun Dances, I used to go all over the place, to many ceremonies, helping other people, piercing for other people, doing  other things.’  – Durwin Whitelightening. 

interdisciplinary/interdimensional – ethnopharmacology of the future.

interhemispheric fusion –  Mandell (1985) suggests hallucinogens alter hemispheric dominance by increasing the amt. of coupling (bilateral coherence) that exists in hemispheric oscillations.  This improves the integration of information exchange between the two hemispheres.  Hence ‘interhemispheric fusion’.  The integration of the hemispheres is an integration between thought and emotion. By inducing increases in coherence and the oscillatory rate, hallucinogens improve the integration of feelings and thoughts, bringing about a greater degree of balance and integration of left hemisphere intuition and right hemisphere rationality.’  This integration provides a basis for the often reported insight experiences associated with psychointegrators, as well as feelings of wholeness, oneness, reflects the effects of the hallucinogens in inducing discharges in the limbic system, which imposes its slow wave discharge patterns in a synchronization of the frontal cortex. – M. Winkelman

interior axis – ;There something happened between a human being and another human being, that is the actor and myself that touched this axis beyond any control from the outside. Now I find myself with my present work, beyond performance and any public work, with the artists looking for this interior axis, I find myself, as he was saying, in an hermitage’ – Grotowski

intermedium –  ‘it is commonly stated in Peurto Inca that each plant has a madre, a mother (Dobkin Del Rios 1973:  79) and that a cure is not caused by the absorption or external application of a given herbal preparation;  rather it results from the mother’s benevolent intervention thru the intermedium of the chosen plant.’

interspecies communication –  ‘learning how to separate projection from what the plants or stones are really saying’  – Buhner 1997

intertwingled – ‘Everything is deeply intertwingled’ – Ted Nelson

intervention – (in medicine circles)  . .’damage control at the time-space level’.  – Metzner, R.

Inti – the sun/solar logos – without whom life on this planet would be impossible. In the Andean tradition, when homage is paid to the sun, it is not to the ball of burning gas but to the representation of the divine force in our solar system.

instincts –  describes the range of perceptual reactions from lower animal reflexes of survival to innate multi-dimensional awareness.  2) the umbilical cord to nature’s directives.

intuition – ‘I was coming to see that feeling – what some call intuition or the sixth sense – was the preferred method of transferring information here, where unvoiced ideas grew audible. As I exercised my new power of  sensing/feeling, I had an inkling that I was remembering a long-forgotten, natural, familiar skill that had been supplanted or subverted by words, and I quickly grew proficient at this new way of gaining knowledge.’ – Ned Doughtery

Iollomalacachoa – Nuahtl word for trypping, meaning ‘to make the heart spin around’ (thinking facilities is supposed to reside in the heart).

iron oxide – blood of the earth

Isvarapranidhana – self surrender.  Means carrying out actions, spoken or unspoken, without desiring their fruit, and offering them to the Lord.