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habits ~ Habits become values . . .  Shukla recommends cultivating good habits to be able to house good values. And building good habits happens over time, with practice. “It’s like building a muscle; you have to keep at it everyday.”   Till one doesn’t consistently work towards being just or kind or truthful or honest or compassionate, every single time he is challenged, one cannot expect to have attained that quality. ~

haelen – Anglo-Saxon word meaning ‘to make whole’.  The root of our word:  ‘holistic’.

hag tapers – Mullein dipped in tallow and used as a torch

hallelujah – Heb. hallalu-yah “praise Jehovah,” from hallalu, pl. imper. of hallel “to praise” also “song of praise,” from hillel “he praised,” of imitative origin, with primary sense being “to trill.” Second element is yah, shortened form of Yahweh, name of God. –

hananeroca  – Campa name for the vine (B. caapi) is hananeroca,  which can be roughly translated as ‘vine of the celestial youth river’.

hanuman – “In these times of Kali Yuga, the times of ignorance and darkness, spiritual values have been very much forgotten. It’s as if we were in an airplane that was going through ongoing turbulence. You feel afraid at all times, thinking the plane will crash at any moment. You are always being invited to engage in negative feelings. Still, there is a part of you that does not get contaminated by these feelings. It is with this part that you need to connect, for it brings authentic faith in the Supreme Being. Faith and love for the Supreme hold you steady. I had the grace of establishing this faith and this love. I awakened Hanuman inside of me. Whatever winds come to shake me may come – I may shake, but I don’t fall. In truth, the one who doesn’t fall is this inner Hanuman. The rest may fall, but he doesn’t, for he lies beyond prakriti, beyond all the turbulence. We sing and do pujas for the Hanuman that is within. Hanuman is just a name for this power that dwells in our hearts.” –Sri Prem Baba

Happiness – We should understand that life gives us what we need and not necessarily what we want. It follows its own wisdom, which is often incomprehensible to our gross minds. We should learn to accept situations in life. This attitude of acceptance is the secret to happiness. – Amma   2) dependent on ignorance, conditioning arises, and thus the chain leading to the whole mass of suffering.   Cease ignorance, conditioning activities cease, and thus the whole mass of suffering ceases. – Buddha  3) If you want to be happy, try to stay focused. New research shows that when people’s minds drifted from the task or activity at hand, they reported being less happy than when they were fully engaged in whatever they were doing. The human mind is uniquely capable of wandering — that is, to ponder things that have happened, to anticipate things that will happen, and to plan for things that might happen, explained study author Matthew Killingsworth, a doctoral candidate in psychology at Harvard University. The ability is one of the traits that makes human beings human, he noted. Yet, cognitive wandering comes at a cost, which is that when people are thinking about something other than what they’re doing, they feel less happy, the researchers discovered. “Human beings seem to have this unique capacity to focus on the non-present. They have the ability to reflect on the past, plan for the future and imagine things that might never occur,” Killingsworth said. “But at the same time, human beings are clumsy users of this capacity and it tends to decrease, rather than increase, happiness.” – Jenifer Goodwin
HealthDay Reporter
 4) Happiness is a constant flow of successive adjustments that results in growth: the assimilation of ever expanding experience. – Alan Hopking 5) The great secret of true success, of true happiness, then, is this: the man who asks for no return, the perfectly unselfish man, is the most successful. – Swami Vivikenanda

Harmaceuticals – generally suppress symptoms and create apparent, or surface wellness, often pushing the problem into a chronic condition, a chronic sense of unease that eventually becomes equated with normality. – mb

harmony –  refers to energy patterns that support and reinforce each other – as a living self-sustaining system.  Coherence means a high level of harmony, or integration, within the energy patterns of any system.  Harmony is the keynote to heaven.

harmonic resonance therapy –

harness and reference –  ‘On this occasion she discovered that the (crop circle) formation was strategically located in this field to alter the local ley line structure by harnessing and referencing the telluric currents from local prehistoric sites, including ancient Winchester Hill, which was nearby but out of view’.

health span –  different than life span.  Means, how long do you stay healthy in this life as opposed to how long you stay alive.

healing –  1)  an organization of mind and world – Groisman and Sell (Daime). 2)  ‘Healing – a teaching occurred – a type of info went from the plant into the person.  The way the living bible of earth centered practice works.  We go to the earth to learn about ourselves and our human journeys.’  S. Bruhner.  3) Course – designed to explore and discover the diverse ways humans have devised to heal themselves. The theoretical premise is that social ties are an essential ingredient to successful healing and, indeed, protection against the onset of illness.  – U C I anthro course listing  4)  frequency + intent = healing. – jonathan goldsmith  5)  Healing work is circulatory – Alice Bailey  6)  the manifestation of your deepest desires – jane  7)  healing depends on a process of incorporating opposites.   When you seek only one side of a pair of opposites, you must oppose the other side.  In that opposition, the soul is agitated and fearful, and in that state you can never reach a unified state –susan thesenga/Guides   8) ‘He who heals, loves – the rest is lies’ – Dr. Jorge Gonzales  9) I am ill because of wounds to the soul, to the deep emotional self and wounds to the soul take a long, long time, only time can help, and patience, and a certain repentance, long difficult repentance, realization of life’s mistake and the freeing oneself from the endless repetition of the mistake, which mankind at large, has chosen to sanctify. – DH Lawrence  10) Healing always points toward a renewal of creative powers, toward a condition that is vital, stirring, strong, and whole, as befits a creative beginning. . . creativity is spurred on by sickness . . . (D)isease and episodes of sickness remind people that meaning is an achievement. . . In the face of disease and other challenges that becloud meaning or disclose it in painful glimpses, you are impelled to try to discover, clarify, or achieve meaning through creative expression. – Lawrence Sullivian  11) Healing times are always about reconnecting fragmented parts with the greater whole by rejuvenating the spirit thru accepting greater responsibility for being a co-creator of existence – Pleiadians 13) A life-threatening disease forces you to scrutinize your life, heart and soul as you recognize that there is a mysterious relationship between right living and healing. Right living, in a Buddhist sense, however it manifests for an individual, changes the odds: the deepening of one’s sense of joy, purpose, or meaning seems to enhance and extend life.  . .  I have found that coming alive in community is often the true medicine.  We are conversant with the idea of the wounded healer but we do not fully recognize that the making of a healer may well be the positive function of illness, a call to every person who suffers on behalf of the world.  Illness is the breakdown that requires re-organization.  Without that breakdown, the re-organization or re-visioning may not occur.  When anyone comes to me for healing, I look for the story, the meaning, the path, the treatment opened through the affliction.  This creates an entirely different environment around the one who is suffering and deeper healing happens, almost inevitably, as a consequence.  The illness is not the enemy; it is the messenger.  To live with this premise is to live in a field of possibility. Illness causes us to change our lives and then our lives heal us.  But also our lives heal our communities and then our communities, in turn, can bring healing to us. – Deena Metzger 14)  ‘What the ego defends, (the healing plant) ayahuasca makes surface . . to then allow us to recognize normally unconscious processes’ – Michael Sonn 15) Healing involves removing our protective, conditioned armour and releases negative energy. As a part of our healing and personal growth, we need to dismantle our armour and release the stored up tension. This frees up our energy for us to use in our daily lives. It’s a process a little like peeling off the outside layers of an onion until you find the core inside. This is your unspoilt self, the part of you that is still able to feel all emotions and behave in all different kinds of ways – the unblocked and unhurt you. As the layers are removed and the energy is released (through the drum), it becomes easier for you to change the way you behave, rid yourself of unwanted patterns and to open up to really knowing how you feel and trusting others. This process takes time and effort but it is well worth it. – J & A Three Bears 16) “How can I quantify the ayahuasca experience? Let’s just say that before the trip to Peru every day I woke up and wondered if today was the right day to put a pistol in my mouth and end it all. And now, every day, I wake and think: What a great day to be alive.” – 17) Ever since my experience with breast cancer in the seventies I have been living by the dictum that we heal life and then life heals us. . . healing imagines resotration – Deena Metzner 17) “Children of the Sun Foundation no longer refers to the concept of “healing”. We are now seeing and experiencing from and as the body of Gaia, Perfectly Whole . . . transitionig to an offering of DNA Activation and preparation of the body for dimensional shift. Through this focus, all limiting patterns and conditions naturally transform into Divine Joy Bliss Body Awareness.” – Tiara Kumara 18) Healing is releasing anything that keeps you from the present moment – Eve Soldinger 19) At that ultimate level there is nothing to heal. Yet on the relative plane there are wounds, both physical and mental. There is karma too, though on the ultimate level even karma disappears. For me the deepest healing is the integration, to know the “ever healed”, to know our innate perfection, yet to have compassion for the humans that we are, who sometimes become so lost in delusion that all we can see is the imperfections. There is nothing to fix and yet we must always attend to the real experience of suffering, and with love. So the deepest healing is of the duality; there is no longer “either/or”, perfect or imperfect. Right there with the seeming imperfections is the perfection. Right there with pain is that beyond all pain. Right there with fear is love. Right there with deafness is that which already hears those 10,000 joys and sorrows. – Barbara Brodsky.   20)  “We are attuning to the Divine and understanding that sometimes we need to go through some karmic purge, a purification at the level of body and soul. Healing is an alignment with dharma, understanding that health is an aspect of God, of the divine that inhabits us.” ~ Prem Baba

healing crisis – As healing begins, symptoms reappear as part of the body’s process of eliminating diseased cells and toxins from its tissues. Hence the assessment that the healing “crisis” is actually good news because it is a sign and signal of deep healing and restoration. It should be added that, not surprisingly, the patient always feels better after the healing crisis has run its course. The healing crisis is recognized today by many natural health practitioners. Homeopaths call these incidents “aggravations” and chiropracters refer to the phenomenon as “retracing.” It should also be mentioned that old mental or emotional symptoms may re-activate during a healing crisis. Dr. R.H. Van Wyck, Director of the Vancouver Institute for Applied Psychology has stated, “Each physical state is accompanied by a psychological counterpart and strictly psychotrauma or heavy emotional material is also re-experienced during the reversal and healing process.” –

healing eruptions – Slowly the shamanic worlds meshed into this one through my body, my understanding.  This was a process of rehumanizing myself, gaining strength and suggestions through the medicine.  I puked up again, allowing me to get even deeper into my system.  I breathed and toned myself back, all the while getting stronger.  I now felt myself as a sort of thick vine, the branches of which bulged at endpoints into the activities in my life.  As the me-vine grew, it merged with the human condition, and the effects of humans civilizing themselves.  My growth became a journey fed and defined by the currents of human history.  The tips of my bulging branches would create and accomplish, with the direct impulse of the strength, wisdom, and spontaneity of nature, and as I veered away from each creation, I could sense humans attracted to each ‘node’ I’d left behind, attracted to the authenticity, the nourishment, and saw them create realities around these protrusions of growth, create ‘art’. Like flies attracted to fruit, these humans were drawn to this growth, knowing there was greatness there, knowing that more intensified life force had been imprinted, and feeling the radiance of its life force, they feed off it.  I saw how much of art, with varying degrees of success, are attempts to mesh with a source of growth of which the usual human is cut off.  The ‘Source’ as it courses through and blossoms is first attended to by those in a culture disposed towards engaging vitality Direct, which then refracts into all sorts of cathartic, free form, passionate and Dionysian activities and ideas.  By the time the second cultural wave descends upon the up welling, the Source has – to an extent –  moved on.  This second wave is more form-oriented and characteristically has two related approaches to what remains of the up welling.  The less positive one is that it imitates the channels and configurations carved in the human psyche and culture by the original up welling.  This leads to embellishments and abstraction fascinations, which increasingly direct culture away from the original ‘design’.  The more positive aspect of this second wave brings more conserving and essentializing intentions to the upwelling.  This results in tradition holders.  Holding space.  As this coursing vine became again more personalized, I saw how being  the growth pattern would inherently create things in my life that would automatically attract interest and . . . resultant money, which means I could live off this growth pattern, effortlessly, as it would flower and fruit into all sorts of marvelous and fascinating things.  Meanwhile my breath was getting deeper, longer, and sometimes faster.  I was pumping, feeling every cell filling, stretching with vitality, with life force.  This is recharging the batteries, this is recreating the batteries to take more of a charge.  As I kept strengthening, integrating, I moved into working it for all it was worth.  I was totally lost in the process, expanding in every direction.  I was going off!  And I had a sense that others in whatever community it is that works with such changes on these dimensional levels, were there, were sort of standing back, getting out of the way as I tore through the process.  I was grateful for their understanding that such ‘healing eruptions’ need to be allowed to follow their course.  – mb

healer  – In traditional medicine you didn’t get to be a healer unless you had some sort of cathartic spiritual experience – at 1999 American Herbalist Guild meeting

health – Long term sustaining of harmonious emotions provides a supportive environment of good health.  2) answering the call of our own growth

heart – The heart, and by this I mean the seat of love, is a non-physical instrument that has the ability to function like the pupil of an eye. This heart can open and close. It can soften and become responsive (as the pupils do when their gaze is broad and unlimited) or harden in response to feelings of anger or fear. This heart can reach out and experience the world (as one does with sight) or it can withdraw like a tortoise into a shell of darkness. Have you ever felt your heart shut down simply because someone didn’t agree with you or because they said something you didn’t like? Most of us allow our minds to turn our hearts off and on all day – ironically without even thinking about it – in the same way that we routinely switch on and off the lights. Sometimes we go through entire days, and even weeks, without allowing our hearts to open. But our hearts were not meant to be operated by something that is constantly changing (e.g., our minds). Our hearts are meant to function independently of the mind’s egoic manifestations. Unlike our eyes, our hearts are meant to remain perpetually open, come what may. This seat of love, called the heart, is a vestibule leading to that which is always present, unchanging and infinite. Love does not grow, shrink or diminish. Love exists regardless of the wanton movements of our calculating minds. Love is beyond the mind just as our heart, the seat of love, should also be. – Bansi 2) the heart is a compass 3) the heart is a beach ~ Mia Counto 4) It turns out that when measured electromagnetically, it is our heart that gives off a stronger, more dynamic and more complex signal than the brain by a factor of roughly 5,000. The heart’s signal is so vastly dominant that its rhythmic field envelops every cell of the body and also extends out in all directions into the space around us. Our hearts have been found to contain the same neural cells as our brains. It is our hearts that possess emotional intelligence, that both think and feel. This thinking/feeling heart can actually be the core of all our perceptions. If we allow it to be. – Gail Faith Edwards

heart memory – The Huicholes had no written language.  Their traditions, beliefs and history have been passed down from generation to generation in the oral tradition by their shamans who rely on ‘heart memory’ and psychic communications with the ancient ancestors  to create the text.  The shamans sing their messages to the Huichol people in ceremonies that last all night.  These messages they  have received in the form of dreams or visions conveyed from the gods and sung to the shamans by the deer-spirit Kauyumari.   The singer is always seated facing east.  On his right and left sit two assistant shamans who repeat in song each phrase sung by the singer. One long, melodious chant goes from dusk to sunup in this manner.  Even the smallest children participate and commit the songs’ premises to memory.  The singing is accompanied by the thumping on a deerskin drum, the beat mimicking the heartbeat of Mother-Earth.

heaven – a kingdom of immense coordination, where each spirit becomes part of a massive sphere of wisdom and coordination . .  thus becoming angels who have functions in the cosmic design (according to Swedenborg) – W. Van Dusen 2) “Heaven is a state of consciousness that can be realized at any time by any entity.”—Pathwork Lecture 143

hedonism – ‘the danger of blindly escaping into the positive aspects, rather than using the positive attitudes for the purpose of purifying the negative ones, is always great’ – Pathwork 193

hedons – units of pleasure.  As opposed to Dolors: units of pain.  The fundamental Principle of Utility is to:  ‘Do those acts which will result in the greatest good for the greatest number of people.’  In order to properly maximize happiness, we need to have a way to quantify the amount of happiness produced by a given act and a way to compare those results with other possible acts. The question is: ‘How do we measure pleasure?’ – Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832)

hegemonic urban view – another phrase for global industrial culture, aka babylon, dominator culture, the mainstream, Western cosmopolitanism, dominant genre, or in 60’s parlance:  the System, the Establishment, or ‘The Man’.  Antonym:  counter hegemonic.  Often defined as the techno-scientific identity of the Master culture defined by multiple exclusions of competing ideologies and lifeways.

Hell –  A daily experience where ever people are motivated by currents of fear that were intended to play only peripheral roles in their life. –  K. Carey  2)  ‘What is on the inside will become manifest on the outside’  Again, Jesus said: ‘And as they have sown in one life so shall they reap in another.’ – Essenes  3) Whether we regard our situation as heaven and hell depends on our perception – Pema Chodron

henbane beer –  Hyoscyamus niger – on an overdose you hallucinate your daily life.  It makes you thirstier the more you drink.  The more you drink the dryer you get.  Henbane suppresses the alcoholic effect.  – Christian Raistch.  2)  When growing wild, henbane generally favours sandy or chalky soils and grows readily on waste ground, around abandoned and derelict buildings and alongside roads. It also grows well close to the sea and readily colonizes disused rabbit warrens. (Grieve)

herbalism – From a holistic perspective, a herb is a plant in relationship with humanity, and herbalism become the exploration of humanity’s relationship with the plant kingdom.  The depth of the relationship goes beyond such social and economic issues to the very life sustaining mechanisms of the planetary ecology.  D. Hoffman – Gaia in Action

herbary – A garden of herbs; a cottage garden. — T. Warton.

Heredity – vitalistic view is that heredity is a form of unconscious organic memory – R. Sheldrake

heteroclite – irregular, anomalous, abnormal.  ‘Although apparently heteroclite, these various prohibitions convey similar themes.’

Herings Law of Cure – . . . is the basis of all healing. This is the way the body heals or cures itself. “All cure starts from within out, from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared or been suppressed”. “We don’t catch diseases, we create them by breaking down the natural defenses according to the way we eat, drink, think and live” –

heros – those who we regrd as heros, its clear when we look @ their life that they served something outside the self, that they never became the enemy of their souls or their memories. . – Barry Lopez

hermeneutics – a special approach to the understanding and interpretation of published writings.  Its goal is to understand the thinking of the author as well as the basic structure of the text.  Max Weber thought to extend this idea from the understanding of texts to the understanding of social life (society then becomes the author).   ritzer

heuristic motor – that which serves to guide investigation.  the mechanical ‘rules’ needed to increase the probability of solving a problem.

hierarchies of meaning –

Heiros logos – ‘The oldest and most fundamental source related to the Eleusinia is the Homeric Hymn to Demeter, probably composed in the seventh century BCE, which records the sacred story or ‘heiros logos’ of the cult. –  Shawn Eyer

higher octave – Any note that is twice the frequency of another note is one octave higher.

higher mind – the faculty of intellectual wisdom married to intuitive wisdom

History – 1) the great unconscious – Richard Tarnas. 2) One damn thing after another – Winston Churchill 3) History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes – attributed to Mark Twain.

historical reality –  When humans accept fear into their lives as a primary motivational current, the resulting static clouds their reception of higher frequencies, shutting out both eternal awareness and the energy currents that bring love and beauty into the world.  The find themselves so preoccupied with the projections of their imaginations that they are viritual prisoners of their own designs.  They feel cramped and confined, frustrated, confused.  They see little but their own interpretations.  – K. Carey

hive mind –  ‘In August and September, Jupiter (coming from Gemini, with two fast and very bright Twin boys flanking him) and Pluto (arriving from Sagittarius, with an Archer and Master Healer covering his back) do the long, slow walk into town as the wind whistles and tumbleweeds blow between them. They meet up in front of Dion’s, and after agreeing in so many words that in the end only one of them is gonna control this town, they stride up the steps and at the moment when they burst side-by-side through those maroon swinging doors, neither Pluto nor Jupiter is aware that in the end, neither of them is going to control anything but a lot of used paper and silicon because by then the new and rapidly growing Aquarian Hive Mind of awakened people all over the Earth will have liberated the sleeping mass consciousness of humanity (The Ugly) from The Bad (i.e., plutocrats and the authorities they control, who seek only wealth and power through world domination, manipulation and control).’ – Dan Furst,

holarchy – systems sciences argue that hierarchy is essential for integration, wholeness and systems functioning. Understood in this context, hierarchy is simply a ranking of phenomena according to their holistic capacity. As such it does not necessarily entail value hierarchies, domination or oppression.  Having rehabilitated the concept of hierarchy, or holarchy as he prefers to call it (adopting Arthur Koestler’s term) . . . Roger Walsh 2)  All living systems are arranged as holarchies. That’s Arthur Koestler’s elegant word for the embeddedness of natural entities, which he calls holons. Holarchy is nestedness, distinguishing it from pyramidal hierarchy, which implies superiority at the top and is the metaphor for command-and-control systems. You, as a body, are this kind of holarchy — cells within organs within organ systems within bodies.   Another way of seeing holarchy starts with the individual, which is a holarchy in its own right, as we just saw. This one is individual within family within community within nation within world. You can cut these different ways using ecosystems, using galaxies, whatever. But always there is this embeddedness and interdependence – E. Sahourtis

holistic health –  Societies act as systems, as ecologies, much like nature does.  Individuals also act as ecologies.  As humans are of nature, we are by design inexorably woven together with the processes observable in the natural world.  To the extent we fine tune, magnify, extend our observations, and use this info to balance empathetic and analytic, unifying and reductive viewpoints, we are maintaining diversity within ourselves.  Thus maintaining macro and micro diversity.  This is holistic health. – mb 2) Daniel Maziarz, in his outstanding book, The Angelic Way to Love, informs us: ‘Curiously enough, the health practices of the ancient Essenes are making a huge comeback today under the names of holistic health, naturopathy, preventive medicine, Ayurveda, and others….Increasing numbers of people today are adopting the following natural means of empowering their health that were also employed by the ancient Essenes:

* nutrition, especially the powerful effect of specific natural foods to prevent and to heal disease
* breathing exercises
* physical culture of all forms
* herbs
* fasting
* massage
* suntherapy (heliotherapy)
* watertherapy (hydrotherapy)
* gardening
and . . . the use of precious and semi-precious stones.’

h0logram ~  Healthy human individuality brings with it a hologrammatic undertaking of the Being, whose unfoldment is the universe. an understanding in which the whole is microcosmically reflected in the structure of the part.  . . .  in much the same way that complete genetic information for an entire human body is contained in each of the body’s many trillion cells, each awakened human being has inner access to the information circulating in the unified field of awareness that precedes all individuality. .  ~ Third Millineum

holon – For Wilber the fundamental category is the holon, a term introduced by Koestler, which implies that every entity and phenomenon in the universe it neither merely a whole nor a part but both simultaneously. – R. Walsh

holy – the ‘ol’ comes from the original name of the sun ; elios

home – The essential nature of God is a Oneness. And that Oneness has a name :’I AM’. The One God chooses to manifest both a masculine and feminine aspect for the purpose of creation. That which is created is a spark of the Creator: You are THAT. Masculine, causative energy, must be balanced by feminine, receptive energy, if harmony is to be experienced. If you are out of balance in EITHER direction, you will experience PAIN. You must find that place of balance at the very core — CENTER — of your being. That center is where you will find your true Self….It is where you will find God….It is where you will find Peace and Joy. It is where ‘I AM’. It is home. –

homeopathy –  Homeopathic medicine is a natural pharmaceutical science in which a practitioner seeks to find a substance which would cause in overdose similar symptoms to those a sick person is experiencing. When the match is made, that substance then is given in very small, safe doses, often with dramatic effects. Homeopaths define the underlying principle for this matching process as the ‘law of similars.’ The ‘law’ is not unknown to conventional medicine. Immunizations are based on the principle of similars.  – Dana Ullman

Homo spiritus – a new human species, a species named by visionary Robert Boissiere as Homo Spiritus: a species ‘exhibiting a powerful inclination toward the spiritual aspects of life, in marked contrast to our present preoccupation with all things material’.

homogenized kids –  ‘You should see my two sons. These guys are not computer nerds. They are good students and athletes. In fact, my oldest could be considered a jock. They both spend hours each day with their computers.  They both have web sites, and chat groups, and are empowered by this technology.  TV has become secondary.  They have embraced this tool and are using it to the max.  They are also urban cowboys who actually live in the country. Go figure. (T.V. and other(similar) media have homogenized kids).’  – Jeff Chilton, 1999

hope –  1)  the ultimate placebo   2) As Vaclav Havel, the great Czech playwright and statesman once said, optimism is the belief that everything is going to go right, whereas hope is a deep orientation of the human soul that can be held in the darkest of times, that things will all, ultimately, make sense. 3) the certainty that something makes sense  4)  Something we grab onto because we can’t stand to face what is coming. 5) “Hope is a verb with its sleeves rolled up.” – David Orr

Hopi – The word “Hopi” means “peaceful people

horzo ~ The American Navajos call the feeling of harmony, of being in tune, horzo. It is horzo, the harmony of Creation (both the song and the reality of) that Changing Woman, at the creation of the worlds, instructed all Navajos to seek after. – Frank Mills 2) in this totality man finds his horzo, his way of walking in harmony, with beauty all around him. – Tony Hillerman 3) concept of living in harmony with nature, one’s community and one’s self. 4) Navajo culture values the concept of “Horzo,” which is translated “Beauty.” However, it’s not physical beauty, but beauty of words, deeds and the world around you that is important. “Wholeness” might be a better way to describe it. When someone steps out of beauty, they have a specific ritual and routine to follow to get back in. Usually, this involves a ceremony, called a “sing,” because music is an integral part of the process. The other reason a sing might be called is to celebrate an important event in your life in the correct way. —

hot flashes – surges of power – Deborah Frances

hueman –  ‘Aura-Soma is an ancient Knowledge Trust reborn. This Trust is being shared at this pivotal point in Earth history in the universal language that everyhue-man  has inherently understood since Creator said, ‘Let There Be Light’ – that is …’

human –  1)  {the art of . . .} – is therefore to become sensitive to more subtle areas of connection between you and the rest of the world – mb   2)  Life spent in growth and experience which elevates the spirit and endures beyond release of physical form – alexander  3)  the organ of consciousness of a single planetary being – a system for both processing information and for directing its future development.  Healthy human individuality brings with it a hologramatic understanding of the Being whose unfoldment is this universe, an understanding in which the whole is microcosmically reflected in the structure of the part –  K. Carey 4)  {existence . . .) a condition of relationship – Da 5)  humans flourish when allowed self-determination, community, and a meaningful existence  6) They (light beings) told me humans are like little lightening rods, channeling God’s energy to the planet. Because we have separated ourselves from our complete connection to The Source, by not having a fully functioning human grid, God’s energy has not been able to easily flow into the Earth – Shelley Yates  7)  We are each a city of cells.  – mb 8) networks of complex energy fields that interface with physical/cellular systems.  9) Every human being is an unbroken transmission of light and life, a genetic water crystal, that captures facets of the divine . . 10) a Singing Being (in many African Languages). 10) “You have made him (man) a little less than the angels” – Psalm 8:6 11) Humans are pattern-seeking story-telling animals, and we are quite adept at telling stories about patterns, whether they exist or not. ~ Michael Shermer 11) We are pattern-tracking beings, in love with symmetry, with a yearning for redemptive symmetry (like 11.11.11) – Caroline Casey 12) we are a blessed child of the mystery of love. –Prem Baba

humanity – ‘poor orphan humanity’. An orphan is one deprived of parents, cut off from source and origin – Blatavsky

humble –  comes from the same root as ‘humus’, and means of the earth, or close to the earth.  Seems:  ‘the development of nonattachment leads, for the first time, to the real integration of humility’ – S. Bruhner.  

hunter and gatherer mind –  ‘Someone asked me how did I have the courage to move on from everything that I know and go into a scene that is so different.  I likened it to what I call the hunter and gatherer mind:  moving toward that which is required for life.’ – Karuna Johnson

hygiene –  ‘Panacea, a mythological daughter of Asclepias became the personification of medicinal herbs while Hygeia, her sister, was the embodiment of preventive health.’   Michael Tierra – ‘History of Herbal Medicine.’