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Namaste – I see the light in you, I see myself in you . . can be used as a kind of default setting for your emotional life. 2) The river that flows in you also flows in me. –Kabir

naming winds – identifying the personality of winds according to the character of the weather associated with them. – mb

names ~ Names are special words. They give things, plants, animals and people their specific identity. Especially in the case of human names, that effect is spectacular. Names are words raised to the power of two, they surpass themselves, they are the incarnation of language. ~

natrue ~

naturalist philosophies – Taoism . . .

Narcissism  – a personality disorder characterized by an inflated and grandiose self-image as well as feelings of entitlement that mask deep-seated feelings of unworthiness and emptiness.  Metzner – Green Psychology

narrative power –  embodied story-telling.

Narayana ~ Narayana is a Sanskrit word, with the terms: nara, which means “human, man”; and ayana “eternal, without ending (a-yana)”. Tradition associates the nara element with another meaning of “water”, explaining the name as indicating the all-pervasive nature of Narayana as that of an infinite ocean in which the never-ending movement of birth, life and death in the cosmos. Narayana, according to this etymology, is the one who moves in the infinite waters, and is also the water itself. 2) The Sama Veda reads: “‘Om Namo Narayanayeti mantra upasaka Vaikuntha bhuvanam gamishyati’, or “Whosoever chants the ‘Om Namo Narayana’ mantra reaches the ultimate goal Vaikuntha planet where one attains eternal blissful life.” Vaikuntha is the supreme spiritual abode; there is nothing that exists beyond Vaikuntha, Vaikuntha means ‘no desires’. . . He Himself expands as Brahma the creator (Generator), Vishnu the maintainer (Operator) and Shiva as the annihilator (Destroyer)-GOD. Whether you read Rig Veda or any other Vedas and Puranas it has said Lord Narayan is the supreme and there is absolutely nothing beyond Him, it says in Srimad Bhagavatam ‘Yesha tu Narayanam devam adevam isham’ (‘Narayan is the lord of the lords beyond him there is nothing exists’). Whoever worships with love and devotion achieves the highest destination Vaikuntha. (G as Generator, O as Operator and D as Destroyer hence GOD) –

Nationalism – Indian Nationalism has come to mean Hindu Nationalism, which defines itself not through a respect or regard for itself, but through a hatred of the Other. And the Other, for the moment, is not just Pakistan, it’s Muslim. It’s disturbing to see how neatly nationalism dovetails into fascism. While we must not allow the fascists to define what the nation is, or who it belongs to, it’s worth keeping in mind that nationalism, in all its many avatars—socialist, capitalist and fascist—has been at the root of almost all the genocides of the twentieth century. On the issue of nationalism, it’s wise to proceed with caution. – Arundhati Roy

native – comes from the word ‘nature’. Hence we are alll native because we all come from Nature. .

Natural capital – ‘Trees weren’t just two-by-fours on the stump; they were oxygen factories; soil anchors; water pumps and filters; homes to a wide array of wildlife; and abiding shelter for urban folks needing an escape to the wilds. This is natural capital, values that never entered into Forest Service ledgers, let alone its lexicon.’  –Todd Wilkinson

nature –  1)  theatre of the cosmic drama.  2)   . . .  the fundamental universal principles underlying all of creation, to which all matter and consciousness are bound.  These principles find expression in the ‘laws of nature’;  the earth symbolically expresses universal law in the workings of the natural world.  When one understands how nature works, one opens a doorway to understanding the deeper truths, the fundamental laws, governing all realms of creation.  Underlying (your) experienced reality is a constant flow of energy from outside the space-time matrix, a pulsation which carries the blueprint for the physical system.  This steady, eternal pulsation is the conduit thru which consciousness seeds the physical realm;  consciousness rides the pulsation into physical manifestation. – Alexander group .  3)  inanimate resource, or delicately balanced vitality engine? – mb   4) ‘The perinatal experiences that emerged in Grof’s  work were preverbal, cellular, elemental. They took place only when the  ego’s usual capacity for control had been overcome, either through the  use of a catalytic psychoactive substance or therapeutic technique, or  through the spontaneous force of the unconscious material. Yet these experiences were also profoundly archetypal in character.  Indeed, the encounter with this perinatal sequence constantly brought  home to subjects a sense that nature itself, including the human body,  was the repository and vessel of the archetypal, that nature’s processes were archetypal processes–an insight that both Freud and Jung had approached but from opposite directions. In a sense Grof’s work gave a more explicit biological ground to the Jungian archetypes, while giving a more explicit archetypal ground to the Freudian instincts. The encounter with birth and death in this sequence seemed to represent a kind of transduction point between dimensions, a pivot that linked the biological and the archetypal, the Freudian and the Jungian, the biographical and the collective, the personal and the transpersonal, body and spirit – R. Tarnas  6)  (regarding the creation of minerals and their crystal structures): ‘…this implies the emission of a formative or shape-producing electro-spiritual energy of the order or quality of sound, a soniferous creative force or Word – a creative chord. In terms of frequency of oscillation, the notes of this chord are expressive of the component ideas of an archetype pre-conceived and held in the major Creative Mind throughout Manvantara. This archetypical idea partly serves as a dynamic model in the super-physical worlds for the shaping of etheric and physical matter into the conceived patterns. This is the source of the impulse which cause inorganic and organic substance to assume geometrically governed forms and of the organising, pattern-assuming characteristic of proto-plasm. My own observations suggest that the shape-producing process is aided by the actions of Hierarchies of Creative Intelligences – Archangels and their angel hosts – who, as embodiments of Universal Intelligence, know the design or archetypes and, by allying themselves with the Word-force, enhance or amplify its formative capacity. These beings live in the super-physical worlds and act perpetually as form-molding agencies, according to the word. It should be understood that the terms spiritual and super-physical do not imply spatial separation from the physical universe. Matter of every degree of density co-exists spatially, the finer interpenetrating the denser. The laboratory of Nature and its ‘engineers’, ‘artists’ and ‘chemists’ are within physical matter, somewhat as Herzian waves are transmitted through the air and an electrical current along a wire. Both protyle and protoplasm are ‘charged’ from within by an indwelling, immanent, thought-directed, creative, formative Life-force. At the etheric-physical level, the Hierarchies of Creative Intelligences are represented by the inner builders of forms, the nature spirits, who operate instinctively, largely by playing along the lines of force – stimulating to them – which form the geometrical patterns set up in the all-pervasive ether by the emitted and vibrating Thought Word-Force……The creative energies of which all forms are the product first emitted as sound by the utterance of the ‘Word’, may be thought of as arising from a central, spiritual Source, represented physically by the Sun. At their source, these energies have tremendous potency. The whole race of the Gods from the Solar Archangels to the planetary angels serve somewhat as electrical transformers. They receive into themselves the primordial creative power, as if by resistance to its flow reduce the ‘voltage’. From the Solar Gods it passes through their lesser brethren, rank upon rank, until it reaches the physical worlds. There, with the assistance of the nature spirits, it throws matter into shape conceived by the Creative Mind.’ – Geoffrey Hodson in ‘The Kingdom of the Gods’  7)  a living library  8) Friedrich Schelling. For Schelling, the Enlightenment had differentiated mind and nature, but had largely forgotten the transcendental ground of both. Thus for Schelling, nature is objective Spirit, mind subjective Spirit. – R. Walsh  9)  Nature is a book to study.  Each object in Nature is a page in that book. – Amma 10) ‘One touch of Nature makes the whole world kin’ – W. Shakespeare . . 10) “Nature is not God, no more than the body of a man is man. Nature is the echo and image of eternal nature, made manifest by the power of the Word.” – Jacob Boehme (Tabulae Principice, li.) 11) What nature delivers to us is never stale. Because what nature creates has eternity in it.
Isaac Bashevis Singer

natural – 1) (the conventional evolutionary perspective): This is something that evolutionary science easily and straightforwardly  defines: what is ‘natural’ is simply what we are adapted to by evolution, and a central axiom of evolution is that what we are adapted to is the behavior our species engaged in over a long enough period of evolutionary time for it to have become selected for in the species’ collective gene pool.’  – Ward Nicholson.  2) The natural world as invoked by yage legend Ino Moxo is a ‘living memory of creation.’ – Luna & White. 

Natural World People – Around ten thousand years ago, peoples who spoke Indo-European languages lived in the area which today we know as the Steppes of Russia.  At that time, they were a Natural World people who lived off the land.  They developed agriculture, and it’s said that they had begun the practice of animal domestication.  Hunters and gatherers who roamed the area probably acquired animals from agricultural people, and adopted an enonomy based on herding and breeding animals.  – The Haudenosaunee Address to the Western World

negative repetitions – “In my experience, it is the grace of the guru that liberates you from your attachment to the ego. This movement of expanding consciousness starts with identifying the negative repetitions that rob you of your happiness. You begin the work of self-investigation in order to identify the root causes of negative repetitions in your life. In this way, you inevitably come to understand that presence is the light. However, the anchoring of this presence can only be completed through the grace of the guru.” – Prem Baba

Negative World People ~ blamers, obsessives, victims, energy vampires and psychic predators. 2) causes ~ when our core empathetic nature is repressed, by governments, parents, education, whatever, it comes out as distortions (a secondary nature) born of projected self-hatred, known as anger, cruelty, etv. ..

(The) Nature Channel ~ The bandwidth defined by the imaginal commons. Aka ‘ancestor radio’

nautilis shells – the skeletons of dead moons (in Australian aboriginal lore)

necktie – a leash held by the hand of Mammon

neocrotchtex – that part of the brain associated with functions of the genitalia.

neon lies –  such as is related to the Las Vegas strip archetype.  

neoplasms – cancers

neuromarketing – rapidly growing ability of political advertising to literally get inside your brain, totally bypassing your rational mind so you think you know why you’re making a decision to buy or vote, but you don’t have a clue — Tom Atlee

neurotransmitters – 1) messenger molecules – Rossi 2) compose a system that integrates body, mind, emotions, and the nervous system – Candice Pert

neurotransmission –  ‘These (psychoactive) substances act on the brain at the level of neurotransmission, derived from their similarity to neurotransmitters and their ability to effect their normal functioning’ – (Winkler, M.  ‘96 citing:  B. Jacobs, ed. – Serotonin Neurotransmission and Behavior.  1981)

neural Buddhism – Confluence of neuroscience and Buddhism. First, the self is not a fixed entity but a dynamic process of relationships. Second, underneath the patina of different religions, people around the world have common moral intuitions. Third, people are equipped to experience the sacred, to have moments of elevated experience when they transcend boundaries and overflow with love. Fourth, God can best be conceived as the nature one experiences at those moments, the unknowable total of all there is. – David Brook (NYT)

new age – 1)  the age of aquarium.  2) The difference between New Age and Pagan is about $500.00 a weekend – Frazer Clark 2) The landscape that appears when long dormant (often thru suppression) seeds of perennial wisdom sprout up thru the soil of highly materialistic, consumerist, media-driven cultures. – mb

news (mainstream media. . )~ mind-numbing hypnotic suggestion marathons~ Tom (Jaded) Kenyon

nexus point~the point where different things or ideas come together or intersect.   the nexus of something facilitates communication among its various parts, and allows things to work properly, holistically . .

niche construction –  ‘The nature-culture distinction is challenged by:  an alternative model which emphasizes that the organism is empowered to shape its own development, the subject of evolutionary forces (see Ho and Fox 1988).  Drawing upon such a perspective, some scholars have argued that the relations between organisms and their environment is *reciprocal*, not one-way.  In the process of engaging with the environment, organisms construct their own niches.  In other words, the evolving organism is one of the selective pressures acting upon itself;  each living being participates in its own making, engaging in cultural or ‘proto-cultural’ alterations of selective pressures.  Significantly, the interactive vocabulary of ‘co-evolution’ and ‘niche construction’ is emerging in place of mechanical Newtonian notions of automatic responses to the ‘forces’ of an alienated environment.   One wonders if the origins of culture could be dated or ascribed to a single stage in the hominization process – couldn’t it be more realistic to assume that culture is just a more complex form of the interplay between organisms and the environment that defines co-evolution or niche construction? – (Descola, P.  ‘97;  Society and Nature, Intro.)

night –  where indigoes to die

nirodha – ‘The cessation of suffering can be attained through nirodha. Nirodha means the unmaking of sensual craving and conceptual attachment. The third noble truth expresses the idea that suffering can be ended by attaining dispassion. Nirodha extinguishes all forms of clinging and attachment. This means that suffering can be overcome through human activity, simply by removing the cause of suffering. Attaining and perfecting dispassion is a process of many levels that ultimately results in the state of Nirvana. –

nirvana – In one of the Sutras, known as the Lotus Sutra, The Buddha points out that Nirvana isn’t a state to be attained sometime in the future through long study and arduous effort. He says that Nirvana is simply a deep understanding of the essential nature of things, and that no method or study or technique is necessary for that. – Ross Bishop

NGOs – because governments no longer represent their people . .  these are surrogates for governments that no longer exist (as they have become extensions of corporate interests).   Top down rot being replaced by bottom up solutions.

noble fool – s/he who does things that gain social approval but at the cost of personal health and happiness

Noble Script –  divine purpose – Alex Polari

noonhuman–  . . . you call us non-human;  we call you noon-humans, at the noon of your evolution . .  .’  – mb

nonjudgment – (The Andean indigenous tradition) deals with the duality of energies here in the earth realm, and they are expressed as light and heavy energies, rather than light and dark, or good and bad. They are assessed by the weight of their frequencies rather than the qualities of their expressions. This removes all judgement from the experience of the dualities and makes the management of them clearer and simpler. It is easier to imagine lightening the frequency of a heavy vibration than it is to imagine dealing with a dark, bad energy. –

nonrational – . . is not the same as ‘irrational’, which is basing something on superstition.

nonviolence –  non-violence is not just the absence of violence. It is an active engagement in compassion.  V. Shiva, after M. Ghandi. 2) “Nonviolence isn’t just a philosophy of resistance. It is a way of life. Nonviolence is the thoughts we have, the words that we use, the clothes that we wear, the things that we say. It is not just an absence of violence, not even just the absence of wanting to cause harm. Nonviolence is a state when your heart is so full of love, compassion, kindness, generosity and forgiveness that you simply don’t have any room for anger, frustration or violence,” – Pancho Ramos Stierle

noosphere – ‘ To this end, he (T. de Chardin) suggested that the Earth in its evolutionary unfolding, was growing a new organ of consciousness, called the noosphere.The noosphere is analogous on a planetary level to the evolution of the cerebral cortex in humans. The noosphere is a ‘planetary thinking network’ — an interlinked system of consciousness and information, a global net of self-awareness, instantaneous feedback, and planetary communication. – A. Judith. 2) The noosphere is conceived of as a layer of thought-energy which envelops the planet in a similar manner as our atmosphere does, but in an immaterial sense. . . The “Akashic record” is one such concept found in the literature of the occult . . . One could argue that the Internet, particularly in the form of recent social networking websites, is already functioning as a crude pseudo-telepathic superstructure of human thought and information exchange. José Argüelles discusses this possibility in his book Time and the Technosphere. Argüelles argues that the technosphere, meaning the Internet and the externalized technological communications network, may be a pre-cursor to the development of an organically and biologically integrated telepathic network which would link all of the minds on the planet together into a single planetary consciousness or perhaps a diverse, multi-faceted group consciousness- Tristan Guilliford

nosodes ~ potentiated substances that carry the signature of a disease in energetic form.  These are used as homeopathic vaccines in ‘homeoprophylaxis’, an immune system education program that is safe, non-toxic, and easily administered.

nostalgia –  to lose the present to the transient power of the past.

nostrum –  Etymology: Latin, neuter of noster our, ours, from nos we –1 : a medicine of secret composition recommended by its preparer but usually without scientific proof of its effectiveness  2 : a usually questionable remedy or scheme

nourishment high –  Plants absorb nourishment directly.  Sunlight, air, water, and minerals are all ‘breathed’ in.  Plants permeate themselves with these different forms of radiance, and to them it is a nourishment high.  This brings on another quality of growth.  It is more electrical, more of a charge, an excitation of the atoms, a buzzing of the molecules, a humming of the substrate.  This engages the plant in a ‘felt’ experience increasingly defined by a long extended vegetative pleasure principle, varied by sun, fog, and rain;  by rich or poor soils;  still air, breezes, or a strong wind;  the attention of humans or other animals.  Plants then are constantly engaged in feeding off energy, absorbing it, and the increased life energy translates into the plant feeling increasingly ecstatic. That is the feedback mechanism which ‘urges’ a plant to continue vitalizing, to continue the physiological alchemy that leads to flowering and seeding – m.b.

novel emergent properties – Hierarchically ordered structures and emergents (properties or capacities that emerge de novo at certain levels of hierarchy) cannot be interpreted simply in terms of, nor considered as parts of, lower order phenomena. For example, when atoms of hydrogen and oxygen combine, the result is a molecule of water with novel emergent properties, such as wetness. These emergent properties are totally unpredictable from the properties of its constituent atoms and cannot be described in terms of atoms–and, of course, the water molecule is not contained within its atoms. So too life, or the biosphere, is not simply contained in, reducible to, or explicable simply in terms of, the physiosphere: the realm of pure matter. Life has emergent properties not found in the properties of its chemical constituents. Life, in other words, has properties and capacities that seem to defy description in terms of the movements of the mere molecules. Likewise, the noosphere (the realm of sentient life) emerges from and is not simply in the biosphere. That is, the noosphere is not a component of the larger whole called biosphere but is an emergent that in some sense transcends it. Ontologically, the noosphere thus cannot be reduced to, or considered merely as, a strand of the biosphere. And humans are compound individuals comprised of all three “spheres” or levels; we cannot be regarded simply as strands of the biosphere which comprises only the physical and biological levels. – R. Walsh 2) that which results from synergy – mb

numinous –  of or relating to a numen (the spirit or divine power presiding over a thing or place); supernatural.  Filled with or characterized by a sense of a supernatural presence: a numinous place. Spiritually elevated; sublime.  Evincing the presence of a deity; ‘a numinous wood’; ‘the most numinous moment in the Mass . . .

nyame – Water poured on the glowing sponge-like mass of the exposed bloom (of iron) produced steam which was inhaled by the attendees. The vapor is nyama, a Mande word for the life force of the ancestral world. Nyama is the emanation of basic energy that animates the universe. In turn it provides the necessary power source behind every action. –