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In Portland . . . Nov. 17 - 18

@ Portland State University.  Sponsored by:  Program for Culture, Ecology, and Leadership
Speakers Series ~~ http://www.piiecl.pdx.edu/
Sylvapolitan Rising:  Plant-inspired Teachings on Gaian Evolution, Culture Genesis, and the Flowering of Humanity

Friday, 7 - 9 pm
Free Public Lecture - @ PSU, SBA #190 in Business/Education Building, 631 SW Harrison St.

As the Empire building of predatory capitalism begins to crumble beneath the weight of its excesses, and many First Nations people disappear or become radically changed before the ongoing forces of colonization, we find the world awash in cultural fragments and detritus. It is out of this broth of identity nutrients, this compost heap of social possibilities, that an archetype of human renewal is arising. I call this the 'sylva' (of the forest, and in its expanded sense, Nature) 'politan' (citizen of). The sylvapolitan is a bridge figure, alchemizing balance, and often synthesis, between the colonizers and colonized; the techno-rational mind of modernity and perennial wisdoms; reason (eagle) and spirit (condor), male and female knowledges. The sylvapolitan represents our potential to survive this era of great extinctions, to act as co-creative partners with the great Evolutionary intelligences of the planet, and flourish as a species. This talk explores the role of elder life forms (e.g., fungi, plants, and animals) in the cultivation and education of the sylvapolitan, its the lineage and attributes, the significance of its current proliferation, and its potential to help us understand culture change in these transitional times and align to positive outcomes.

Saturday workshops - $15 for one, $25 for bothWorkshop I - 9:30 - 11:30 am
Singing Alive the Creation-Body - the 'frequency' of the sylvapolitan (likely at City Repair headquarters, 2122 SE Division, Portland)

Learning thru books and their visually absorbed symbols of conceptual abstractions is but a blip on the historical screen of human development. More universal to humanity are the oral traditions of learning, those that use the voice to create felt engagements with information. Songs are especially effective in helping us to resonate with teachings, to become that which we seek to know, and thereby open ourselves to be more fully changed by them. This workshop introduces the 'frequency' of the sylvapolitan, in an energetic encounter with the archetype. By way of communal breath work, toning, spirit languaging, simple chants, prayers, songs, and visualizations, we move thru an origin story of the sylvapolitan. Beneath the sunlight of an opening heart, our embodied evolutionary heritage awakens and thrives, eventually passing to us an impulse of self-transformation, the same one that creates crystals out of rock, and butterflies out of caterpillars. How we fertilize the soil of our incarnation (vitality practices), tend the garden of our relations (love thy neighbor), attend to the weather of our emotions (surface and clear), and improve the climate of our mind (imaginal hygiene and meditation), determines the extent to which this impulse matures and blossoms in each of us. Such organic understandings of 'living for a living', defines the Way of the sylvapolitan.

Workshop II - 1 :00 - 3:30 pm
Sprouting Thru the Cultural Compost - discussion forum on enacting the sylvapolitan story (likely at City Repair headquarters, 2122 SE Division, Portland)

If indigeneity is understood as a way of life, a heritage of human-nature relationships that is ever evolving in form but unified in substance, then the sylvapolitan represents a re-indigenization of humanity. However, this is not a retro 'back to the land' phenomena, but a cyclic spiral around to a new engagement with the society of Nature, one tempered by the crucible of our historical passage. This workshop is a discussion forum for us to identify sylvapolitan characteristics in our lives, to develop an eye for noticing them as sprouts thru cracks in the proverbial road of progress, and to apply this archetype to understand the power of Nature to act thru us in generating culture change. We will go over ways to shed the conditioning of corporate-sponsored reality and the various 'consensus trances' beneath it, to bring into activation our 'original instructions' revealed by this shedding. As we shape the sylvapolitan world view, we will engage in a few activities which I feel help root the experience, and facilitate its flowering. Among these can be: enlivening the world thru discourses of familiarity and kinship; exploring the languages of Nature, such as flower fragrances, and other 'signatures'; doing exercises to move the locus of learning from the head to the radiant 'feeling body'; exposing unconscious judgment patterns in our inherited ideologies and daily conversations and replacing them with organic metaphors and frame stories; immersing ourselves in visualizations that effect change in the world by bringing things together (synergy) rather than taking things apart (analysis); and ways to respectfully and artfully feed on composting cultural forms (and avoid their toxins), and transmute them into their more expansive potentials.


In Olympia, WA. . . Nov. 6

Pro-Active Health and Gaian Evolution
Monday, 6:30 pm. @ Evergreen State University (Seminar 2, C2109) sponsored by the Healing Arts Collective


Cosmopolis, WA . . . Sept. 9th

Organizing Gathering for Singing Alive ~~
@ Rivermeadow, 1778 Northriver Rd, Cosmopolis, WA 9853

This is an invitation to attend a gathering to share our circle songs, dances, and music, and work with the vision and logistics of putting this ceremonial village together for a weekend sometime next summer (2007).  We will meet around 12 noon at the planned site for the event, a beautiful ribbon of meadows along the Northfork river of SW Washington, on Sat., Sept. 9th.  We will do our work and play over the rest of the day and into the evening, and you are encouraged to stay overnight.  Bring food, water, instruments, songs, camping gear, etc.directions:
From Olympia, take 101 towards Aberdeen. Go S. on Hwy 8, which turns into Hwy 12. Take the Montesano exit and turn left on 107. Turn left when it hooks back up with 101 (approx 7 miles). Immediately after the town of Artic, there will be a bridge over a river. Turn left onto North River road. Follow it approx 11 miles to 1778 (Next to Blue Mountain goat ranch). There will be a blue garage there. Rivermeadow is approx. 3/4 miles in. Follow the path across the bridge until you get there.for more info contact:  Morgan Brent (xen@kevcom.com);   Michael ‘Skeeter’ Pilarski (friendsofthetrees@yahoo.com) ~ 541.386.6052


In Tacoma, WA  . . . Sept. 7

WA state chapter of the American Herbalist Guild
6:30 - 9:00 pm @ Crystal Voyage - 2601 East "D" St. - Suite 201, Tacoma, WA

Herbalism and Culture Change
The premise of this talk is that what we do to nature we do to ourselves (and visa versa), and that this can be cogently understood in our relations with medicinal plants. This talk uses competing models of herbal efficacy to understand competing models of human culture, and points to their resolution in a balanced ecology of knowledge, exemplified in integrated, or 'global' herbalism.

The active constituent (AC or pharmaceutical) model of herbalism is materialistic, mechanistic, and reductionist; it seeks to identify chemistries in plants with biological potential to act upon specific structures and functions in the human body to positive effect, or attack agents presumed to cause disease. Therapeutic relevance takes place on the level of molecules, usually in microscopic battles of dominance and exclusion. In contrast, the whole plant (WP or ecological) model is inherently vitalistic, holistic, and extends into animistic understandings of relationship; it necessitates an intact inner plant ecology to then 'teach' organizational order, impart life force, or otherwise nourish and balance the inner human ecology. These two models validate different medical ideologies, reflect different ways of knowing the world, and affirm different cultural ethos. In this talk we will use the AC metaphor to understand the forces of modernity, (e.g., patriarchy, scientific materialism, Protestantism) that have been crucial to the generation of Western culture, and by extension global industrialism. We then turn to the whole plant (WP or ecological) model of herbal efficacy, and apply it to understand cultures that are cosmologically and physically interactive with the productive forces of the land, that lack extensive social hierarchy and private property, and that value social elements that constellate around the procreative and nurturing principles associated with the feminine. We use these models to critically analyze modern history, illuminate the modern cultural wars (however we might define them), and discuss their integration in synergistic ‘bridge cultures’ appearing worldwide.


In Abadiania, Brazil  . . . August 15 - 28

John of God (Joao de Deus)

I'm taking a small group to see John of God, a trance medium who, via the 'Entities' that work thru him, presides over a hospital in Brazil, free, and staffed by volunteers.  The place is known for psychic surgery, and bringing about miraculous cures, and spiritual awakenings.   People from all over the world make the pilgramage to Abadamia for this reason, and to be here is to be immerged in an international cultural of spiritual healing.  Let me know if you'd like to accompany us . .  

In Mosier OR . . . August 5-7

@Metapoesis ~~ http://www.cityrepair.org/wiki.php/wow/main
Spirit Languaging and Ceremonial Voicework  - Communiversity Workshop

This session is a encapsulation of how the spirits and intuitions accessed thru various plants (and fungi), taught me to use my voice for various empowering, devotional, healing, and mystically fun ends. We begin with Taoist-influenced warm up exercises, with which we cultivate awareness of the body as a musical instrument, one that can project a voice that charges ourselves (and those around us) with harmonic life force each time we use it. We then move into the fertile spaces between toning and singing, known as 'soning' or 'tribal talk'. This is where the groundswells of spirit languaging arise, a free-form, primordial broth of sounds, syllables, melody riffs, breaths, animal utterances, plants whisperings, and elemental voicings, that nourishes our re-creation. This allows us to get free of english language patterns, and social acceptability issues about what comes out of our mouth, surfaces embodied understandings, clears blocks, cleanses our vibrational palette, and gets us on the 'felt' wavelength of communication shared by all tribes of existence. From there we voice our rebirth into communion with the Ancestors, singing ourselves Alive as we journey our way thru the story of Creation. Thru the imagery of the journey, the teachings of the songs, and the resonance of community, we awaken our body to its structural destiny to flower into its Divine potentials. Those who don’t think they can sing are encouraged to come and claim their birthright! Prescribed for those suffering from left-brain dominance, and unintegrated neocortexes.  Sat, late morning . . . 

Surfing the Wave of Whatz going On - Communiversity Workshop
This is a medley of a few of my raps - the culture of Nature, the Gaian agenda for humanity, plant teachings, the human flowering response, and the rise of the sylvapolitan - all weaving a kind of unified field theory of indigenous consciousness, a visionary understanding of the zsigns of the times. From all this come some juicy directions HOME, and ways to enjoy the journey.  Sun., late morning


In Pleasant Hill, OR  . .  July 22-23

@ NW Herb Fest

Here I will be doing a talk on lessons (tough love!) from the Amazonian Teacher plants, and a morning Song Circle (or two) . . . 


In Oakville, WA  . . July 12-13

@ Wild Thyme Farm (35 minutes SSW of Olympia)

Wild Fermentation and WildfoodCrafting
This event is being co-produced by Shari Trnka and I  Foraging and kitchern witchery.  Email me for more info . .


In Veneta, OR . . July 7-9

@ Oregon Country Faire

I be doing a couple talks at the Spoken Word performance venues.  They are (tentatively) titled "What the Plants Teach:  cultural evolution", and "What the Plants Teach:  human flowering".  They will be at The Rabbit Hole (Friday @ 1pm), and Chez Rays (Sat @ 2 pm).  If enough quiet time and space can be found, we will also do one or two ceremonial singing circles as well . . . 


In Portland, OR  . . July 6

@ Portland State University.  Program for Culture, Ecology, and Leadership

From 4-6 pm I will be doing a guest lecture on Indigenous Consciousness.  Education and Business Blding (corner of Broadway and Harrison), Room 314.

In Fairyland . . June 23-25

@Skalitude Retreat Center, North Cascade Mts., WA

Songs from the Garden ~~ 6:30 am Sat. and Sun. morns: 
Wake up! Start your day with a morning cup of breath-work, visualization, tones, sones, and songs. We sing ourselves Alive as we journey thru the Story of Creation, weaving the double helix of the devic and de'human whirleds into a flowering of the heart, into the promise of heaven as earth. Those humans who have yet to discover their birthright as a singing species are encouraged to come, and let the fairies help you blossom your voice . .

Tribal Talk ~~ in the evening . . .
Tribal talk is variant of 'soning', which explores the fertile spaces between toning and singing. While soning encompasses the full-range of sounds, syllables, melodies, and breaths in a kind of free-form, primordial excavation of human voice possibilities, tribal talk is more structured, and most importantly, more conversational. In this session, we begin with soning as a warm up, and then direct the creative flow to the formation of inter-dimensional languages, and dialogues. Tribal talk is the art of being very articulate in speaking words with no meaning, i.e. no 'apparent' meaning, for all the nuances of intonation, phrasing, timing, the give and take of speaking and listening, etc., all that makes for good conversation, are highly present, for they carry the stream of meaning. A well-executed tribal talk session helps cleanse our vibrational palate, gets us on the 'felt' wavelength of communication, creates space for other beings to converse with us and thru us, and is good, mystical fun!


In Fairfax, CA . . June 7th

@FlowMo Pilates Studio (http://www.flow-studio.com),
85 Bolinas Rd, Suite 9.
7 pm - by donation

Dreamtime singing - a voice jam in the key of Creation
this gathering will likely be followed, depending on time and energy, by a discussion of "Sylvapolitan Rising - an emerging archetype of cultural evolution". . . .


In Portland, OR . . May 24th

@ Village Building Convergence (http://www.cityrepair.org/wiki.php/projects/vbc/)
Disjecta ~~ 230 E. Burnside (cross street is 3rd)
enter from SE 3rd St.  Time tba

Sylvapolitan Rising:  on pro-active identities in transitional times


In Okanogan, WA . . . May 6-7

@Okanogan Family Barter Faire Volunteer Summit

Ceremonial singing - a voice jam in the key of flowering - 7 am Sat. and Sun. mornings


In Oakland, CA. . . April 16

@8801 Skyline Blvd, Oakland, CA
beginning at 7:00 pm, Sunday,
RSVP requested: contact Ali (earthmemory@yahoo.com)
by donation

Sylvapolitan Rising ~~ in song and story
Rumi-nations on the emerging Tone Age. As many of us make the choices to come to know and inhabit our imaginal bliss, we create pools of vibrational nourishment in which we can spawn ourselves anew, recreate ourselves as Sylvapolitans. The Sylvapolitan inherits the lineage of indigenous elder wisdom, the lifeways harmonized with the ecological intelligence of the mountains and forests, the deserts and rivers, with the metabolism of Gaia. The Sylvapolitan is a perennial figure, ebbing as civilizations rise, and flowing forward again as they inevitably crash, to then receive the 'nutrients' (art forms, technologies, spiritual insights, and such) released by their composting. We will explore the tides of the times, and how to best utilize our Sylvapolitan instincts to effect graceful passage thru the rapidly rising waters


In Fairfax, CA. . . March 27

Soning Alive - a shamanic voice jam
Thru breath, visualization, toning, ‘soning’ (the liminal whirled between toning and singing), and singing, we will journey thru the story of Creation. The imagery of Gaian evolution, and teachings of the songs helps us cultivate a garden within us, and so awakens our body to its structural destiny to flower into conscious identification with the Divine. From flowers follow fruits, which will be offered to any of the tribes of creation that wish to join our circle of shapeshifting sound and movement.

@ Laughing Mama Multi-Cultural Center
12 School Street Fairfax, CA
beginning at 7:30 pm, Monday
by donation


In Portland . . . Springtime

What the Plants Teach
an attunement to Gaian Wisdom and the Power of the Green

March 7 ~ Intro: How Things got to be the Way they Are
March 21 ~ Our Legacy of Indigenous Consciousness
April 4 ~ Perennial Herbalism and Teacher Plants
April 18 ~ Active Constituent (AC) Culture and its Discontents
May 2 ~ The Composted Cosmopolitan and the Fertilized Sylvapolitan
May 16 ~ The Wave of Whatz going On, and How to Surf it to Shore

@Awakenings (big ground floor studio)
1016 SE 12th avenue
(bus #15 &17), Portland, OR

Tuesdays, 6:30-9 pm
by donation


In Olympia . . .  March 2-3

Synergy, the fifth annual Sustainable Living Conference
March 1-4, at Evergreen State College


March 3, 10-12 am
Workshop - The Human Flowering Response (the frequency) - This is an act-ivating meditation, inspired by a variety of traditions, including Taoist movement arts, Amazonian Plant-based healing, and anthroposophy. Seated in a circle with eyes closed, we breath, tone, 'sone' (the liminal whirled between toning and singing), and sing our way thru the story of Creation. Thru the imagary of the journey and teachings of the songs, we cultivate the 'plant within' and so awaken our body to its structural destiny to flower into conscious identification with the Divine. Those who don’t think they can sing are encouraged to come and claim their birthright! This workshop is linked to Shari Trnka's procession of the flowers

March 2, 2 -3 pm
Lecture - The Human Flowering Response (the story) - We can understand our spiritual life to begin when we feel the gravity of Union pull our spirit into deepening relations with the world around us. This gravity can be felt in the world within us as well, as our embodied evolutionary heritage awakens and thrives beneath the sunlight of an opening heart. As our resonance with the Divine increases, the impulse of self-transformation carried thru this lineage, thru all the tribes of creation, activates itself thru the plant-like nature of our nervous system. How we fertilize the soil of our incarnation, tend the garden of our relations, attend the weather of our emotions, and improve the climate of our mind, determines the extent to which this impulse matures in each of us. To cultivate oneself with the intention to flower defines a way of life, one previewed in sacred cultures of the past, and given new forms and urgency in modern life. . This workshop is linked to Shari Trnka's procession of the flowers.